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Rush - 2012-11-01 - Atlanta, GA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Rush - As If To Fly 
Verizon Wireless Amp. 

Audience Digital Master 
Equipment: CA-11 mics >SP-SPSB-8 >Roland R-05 
Location: Sec 3 Row N 
Taper : CE_34 
Mastering: rn 

Joel Derouin - Gerry Hilera - Jonathan Dinklage 
Entcho Tudorov - Mario De Leon - Audrey Solomon 
Jacob Szekely - Adele Stein 

Disc 1 
01 Gearing Up 
02 Subdivisions 
03 The Big Money 
04 Force Ten 
05 Grand Designs 
06 Limelight 
07 Territories 
08 The Analog Kid 
09 The Pass 
10 Where's My Thing? 
11 Far Cry 

Disc 2 
12 The Appointment 
13 Caravan 
14 Clockwork Angels 
15 The Anarchist 
16 Carnies 
17 The Wreckers 
18 Headlong Flight* 
19 Alex Solo* 
20 Halo Effect* 
21 Wish Them Well* 
22 The Garden* 

Disc 3 
23 Dreamline* 
24 The Percussor* 
25 Red Sector A* 
26 YYZ* 
27 The Spirit Of Radio* 
28 Tom Sawyer* 
29 2112* 
30 Ga-Nome Party* 

* Sourced in from rn's recording from the same date 

Special Guests: 

The Clockwork Angels String Ensemble 

Conducted by David Campbell 

Security was practicaly non-existant going thru the gates."As If To Fly" over the fence ! Also another reference to the title was a concern for a friend driving from up North to attend the show.I wasn't sure he was going to make it on time.His arrival at 7:20 was a treat and clue that he had stomped the gas along the way ! It turned out to be quite a chilly evening (for the South anyway).Donning a leather coat and scarf,Geddy came well prepared.Alex kept trying to warm his fingers between songs. By the third song in, they were warmed up.The stage flames gave us in the crowd a small bit of relief during the show as well. The crowd was very well behaved and talking was minimal.Thank You everyone (friends old and new) that made this a fantastic experience! 

Technical Issue : 
My card filled up faster than expected ! It shut down after the "The Wreckers". The source was granted by rn to fill in to make this a complete show. 

Thank You, in the biggest way possible, goes out to rn for mastering and the source loan Also for his hospitality during our stay in Atlanta! 

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