sabato 30 giugno 2018

B.B. King - 1985-02-22 - Tucson, AZ (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Temple of Music and Art

Early Show


Yamaha PM-1000 Matrix SBD->Sony D5M->Panasonic SV3800 DAT->HHB CD-R800->CD Trade

01 Blues Band #1
02 Blues Band #2
03 B.B. King Intro Jam
04 Don't Answer The Door
05 Caledonia
06 Untitled Instrumental
07 Woke Up This Morning
08 When It All Comes Down
09 How Blue Can You Get?
10 Better Not Look Down
11 Rock Me Baby
12 He's Mine all Mine (w/Debra Voston)
13 Evil Gal (w/Debra Voston)
14 The Thrill is Gone

Total Time = 95:34 min

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  1. hi this concert have channels out of phase, I overcomed and now sounds perfect or in the way was played, no eq, no changes, only inverted phase in one channel, if you want my files let me know