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Kate Bush - 1973 - The Early Years (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

'The Early Years'

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Kate Bush - vocals, piano

01.Something Like A Song
02.Need Your Loving (= Passing Through Air)
03.Davy (or Davey) (= Maybe, Humming?)
04.You Were The Star
05.Gay Farewell
06.Cussi Cussi
XX.Disbelieving Angel
XX.Go Now While You Can

TT 21:57

Notes by the uploader
To celebrate Kate's new album, here are some of the oldest Kate demos in circulation. I received them on a cd back in the early 2000's. Initially I thought they were sourced from the vinyl boot called 'The Early Years' which was released in Germany in the mid-80's but then listening to them I heard no vinyl crackles which may mean they are from a different source. Unfortunately there are only 8 of the 10 tracks that are known to exist from these sessions. Sound quality is ok although quite hissy. These are usually dated 1973 but again I have some doubts because: 
a) in 1973 Kate was recording from home with a very rudimental recording devices where these demos seem to be recorded in a studio and 
b) you can hear a much more mature and secure Kate playing and singing. My guess is that these come after Kate recorded at Air Studios (sessions paid by David Gilmour!), so possible around 1975-1976. 

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