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Yes - 1986 - The Alternate Generator-studio demo (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

The Alternate Generator
(with bonus Jon & Vangelis tracks)

Yes - Big Generator Line-Up:
Jon Anderson - Lead Vocals
Tony Kaye - Keyboards
Trevor Rabin - Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass, Backing Vocals
Alan White - Drums & Percussion

Unreleased studio outtakes from "The Big Generator" sessions:
01 Love Will Find A Way (5.00)
02 Big Generator (4.53)
03 Rhythm Of Love (5.18)
04 Final Eyes (7.25)
05 I'm Running (8.29)
06 Shoot High Aim Low (7.41)
07 Shoot High Aim Low (2nd take) (7.08)
08 Big Generator (2nd take) (3.47)

Unreleased Jon and Vangelis demos from 1986:
09 Holy Lamb (instrumental) (3.17)
10 Let's Pretend (5.19)
11 All Through The Night (6.29)
12 Say What You Will (6.14)
13 The Arms Of Love (5.44)

Track 1 through 9 are demo and alternate tracks from "Big Generator". Rumor has it that these are the Trevor Horn produced songs, who left the project before it was completed.

Track 10,11,12 and 13 are Jon & Vangelis demos, and stated on the cover art to be recorded in 1986. Research suggests that they were recorded somewhere between the "Private Collection" album (1983) and "Page Of Live" (1991).

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  1. Hi Edge/all

    Any chance of a reup, most files are corrupt
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  2. The only link that still seems to contain this file (zip) is

    I downloaded this file a few years ago but found some corruption caused by my storage device so am downloading it again to compare files. I love this album and hope that the upload is not corrupt as well. Thanks!