mercoledì 7 dicembre 2016

The Cure - 2016-12-03 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Sse Arena, Wembley

3 Dec 2016 

Ca 11'S(Mounted On Glasses)>Ca 9200>Zoom H2N>Cd Wave(Wav Split)>Tlh

Ga Dead Centre Of Stage About 3/4 Way Back 

01 Intro-Open 
02 Kyoto Song 
03 A Night Like This 
04 The Baby Screams 
05 Push 
06 In Between Days 
07 Sinking 
08 Pictures Of You 
09 Befroe Three 
10 Lovesong 
11 Just Like Heaven 
12 If Only Tonight We Could Sleep 
13 From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea 
14 One Hundred Years 
15 End 
16 Encore-It Can Never Be The Same 
17 Burn 
18 A Forest 
19 Encore-Shake Dog Shake 
20 Fascination Street 
21 Never Enough 
22 Wrong Number 
23 Encore-Lullaby 
24 The Caterpillar 
25 Freakshow 
26 Friday Im In Love 
27 Boys Dont Cry 
28 Close To Me 
29 Why Cant I Be You 
30 Three Imaginary Boys 
31 10:15 Saturday Night 
32 Killing An Arab 

Notes by the taper:
Well what can you say, 3 sellout nights at Wembley takes me back to 89 (Prayer tour) and 92 (Wish tour 4 nights at Olympia) for these multiple runs at the end of a tour... 
And they didnt disappoint. 

Over these 3 amazing shows 94 tracks played, think it something like 56 or 57 different tracks played. 

I am more then happy with how all three of my recordings turned out, I know there are other recordings out there, as I'm writing this I have not had a chance to listen to these in 

After the previous 2 nights, the expectation was for a Wish based setlist and yes we got Tape-Open and End to bookmark the main set but Head On The Door was the dominant LP played. No complaints from me either way. I didnt want to fuck this recording up in anyway so I did dial the levels down a little, and with it being a Saturday night London audience there were the expected, by me at least, the groups of chatters. Some of this can be picked up between some tracks and during some of the quieter parts. I dont think it detracts from the recording too much, although I could have throttled the couple woahing between encore 3 tracks. 


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  1. The last one, in fact I had already heard it with worse quality, thanks to both here also to the taper as to you. I have been a follower of you for ten years at least. I rarely comment, sorry for it. Now I have more free time.
    Not only The Cure I like.