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The Who - 1975-12-11 - Toronto, ON (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

11 December 1975 
Maple Leaf Gardens 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

AUD > ? > silver CDs (AIFF) > WAV (exact rip with XLD)> FLAC (level 6, XLD) 
from: Heartbreakers, HB-808-1/2, "The Who Toronto 1975" 

Sound quality: A-/B+ 
Included: FLAC fingerprints, output log, new artwork, & original artwork for provenance 

Roger Daltrey - vocals and harmonica 
Pete Townshend - guitars and vocals 
John Entwistle - bass guitar and vocals 
Keith Moon - drums 

Disc 1 (44:53) 
1. I Can't Explain 2:54
2. Substitute 3:31
3. My Wife 6:12
4. Baba O'Riley 5:54
5. Squeeze Box 4:06
6. Behind Blue Eyes 3:53
7. Dreaming From The Waist 5:50
8. Boris The Spider 3:58
9. Magic Bus 8:31

Disc 2 (58:38)
1. Amazing Journey 6:31
2. Sparks 3:39
3. The Acid Queen 2:56
4. Fiddle About 1:58
5. Pinball Wizard 2:51
6. I'm Free 2:17
7. Tommy's Holiday Camp 0:47
8. We're Not Gonna Take It 3:28
9. See Me, Feel Me 5:58
10. Summertime Blues 3:23
11. My Generation Medley 15:26
- Join Together
- Spoonful
- Roadrunner
- My Generation Blues
12. Won't Get Fooled Again 9:19

"After two years of relative inactivity by The Who's normal standards, the group bounced back in the second half of 1975, firing on all cylinders," wrote Joe McMichael and "Irish" Jack Lyons in The Who Concert File, "Many fans still consider that The Who's rebirth in 1975/76 represented some of their finest moments." (p. 223)

Anyone who saw and heard the band during this period can attest to the energy, fire, and volume of their performances. This fine recording captures the band blasting through the standard set of this tour with aplomb and finesse. The band is in excellent form and is nothing but fierce throughout the show - the effects that Pete achieves during 'Sparks' alone are almost frightening. After the smoke clears one nearby fan can be heard exclaiming "Pete city, Pete city!"

The recording itself is somewhat legendary. Many consider it one of the best audience recordings from the 1970s. Some have it that the original taper feigned inability to walk and entered the venue with a reel-to-reel recorder, powered by a car battery, secreted in his wheechair! However it was done, the recording is well balanced with all the players and instruments present. Sound quality rating given is due to the drums being somewhat back in the mix compared to the other instruments. There are periodic intrusions by nearby enthusiastic audience members, most notably during Pete's break in BOR.

Thank you to the original taper!

Inspection of the X Lossless Decoder (XLD) output log shows that a minor scratch on the playing surface of disc two caused XLD to report medium to minor problems on the last three tracks. However, these appear to be limited to atom and edge errors and do not affect playback on this rip.

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