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Gerry Rafferty - 1993-02-12 - Hamburg, DE (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Gerry Rafferty
Live at Music Hall, Hamburg 

Original files from trade DVD source, SBD (or FM?) then a bit of digital TLC. 

Gerry Rafferty: Guitars 
Kenny Craddock: Hammond,Keyboards 
Liam Genocky: Drums 
Jerry Donahue: Guitars 
Hugh Burns: Guitars 
Pavel Rosak: Keyboards 
Mel Collins: Sax 
Pete Zorn: Bass 
Arran Amun: Percussion 
Nicky Moore: Vocals 
Lianne Carroll: Keyboards, Vocals 

01 Instrumental 
02 Waiting For The Day
03 Hearts Desire
04 Get Out Of My Life Woman 
05 Right Down The Line
06 Does He Know What He's Taken On 
07 Moonlight and Gold
08 Don't Give Up On Me
09 Hearts Run Dry
10 Stuck In The Middle With You (Originally recorded as Stealers Wheel) 
11 It's Easy To Talk
12 Standing at The Gates
13 The Right Moment
14 Baker St
15 Late Again (Originally recorded as Stealers Wheel)
16 Get It Right Next Time
17 It Makes No Difference (Robbie Robertson/The Band cover)
18 Mess Of Blues (Elvis Presley standard written by Pomus/Shuman)

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