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Frank Zappa - 1978-02-15 - Berlin, DE (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)


SBD Low Gen / AUD MC (jaypfunk-Drew51-Dog Breath-WIU2B-flambay-mudsharknyc)

IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE PREVIOUS FILE then you do NOT have to necessarily download this new version, you can simply fix the SBE's yourself when decoding the FLACs and get the same result here, although the fingerprints will change from those listed in the previous torrent upon fixing. Pardon any inconvenience.

(Note from ZP: If you downloaded this prior to midnight EST on Saturday (0500 GMT), you'll have to rename the folder to 1978 02 15 Berlin DE SBD AUD (jpf-D51-DB-WIU2B-fl-mnyc) - in other words, get rid of the word "FIXED". After that, everything should be great!)

This 2012 entry marks the long awaited return of the 1978 02 15 Berlin SBD recording to FZ Shows thanks to the generous tape contribution by jaypfunk and professional 2011 tape transfer by Drew51. This fresh transfer from JPF’s low generation SBD tape has been speed corrected and patched to completion using the excellent DogBreath AUD MC recording for fills (thanks to the generous tape contribution by DogBreath and professional 2012 tape transfer by WIU2B). The entire performance runs 153 minutes and 39 seconds and although the SBD tape does exhibit the element of tape hiss, it is an excellent solid A grade listen representing the best sounding version of the SBD tape acquired & assembled for FZ Shows to date. Enjoy this historic FZ time capsule performance of 34 years + past, presented to FZ Shows @ Zappateers this Leap Day 2012.

The SBD source tape used herein is indeed the same tape source used to provide the 2005 jaypfunk FZ Shows entry, which has long since been archived here:
1978 02 15 Berlin Germany SBD (jaypfunk)
The archived version was an excellent sounding transfer, although incomplete. It contained solely the SBD source (warts and all) yet also carried with it a sizeable mystery cut during the first verses of Yo Mama. The tape also required further speed correction to run at the proper pitch. Thankfully, a fresh transfer was granted. This new transfer of the low generation cassettes revealed a complete Yo Mama intact further benefited by being fully speed corrected along with countless millisecond glitches appropriated. For those who may ponder, yes, the exact same millisecond glitches appear on the jaypfunk 2005 version, so these glitches were nothing new to these excellent sounding source tapes.

SBD LINEAGE: Maxell XLII (tape 1) Maxell UDXII(tape 2) Cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A cassette deck >Tascam US-122L > Sound Forge Pro 10.0 (record/resample) > FLAC Level 8 > WAV > PEAK > Speed Correction, Editing & Tracking > FLAC level 8
Tapes obtained from jaypfunk
Tapes transferred by Drew51 2011 11 30

The above SBD source has been patched to completion utilizing approx 73 seconds of material from the excellent AUD MC recently made available in the Shoebox here:
1978 02 15 Berlin DE 163.xx AUD MC (DogBreath-WIU2B)

AUD MC LINEAGE: AUD > MKE 2002 mics > 2X BASF Ferrochrom master cassette > Nakamichi DR-10 > Terratec DMX6 Fire 24/96 soundcard > Adobe Audition 3.0.1 > 32/96 bits WAV > iZotope RX Advanced resampling to 16/44 bits WAV > Flac Frontend encoding level 8 > FLAC > WAV > PEAK > Speed Corrected used for fills
Tapes recorded & provided by DogBreath
Tapes transferred by WIU2B 2012 01 20
“Thank you Dog Breath for trusting me with your precious and delicate cassettes. For some it was probably the last time they took a spin in a cassette-machine” – WIU2B

This show yields 2 performances that were subsequently issued in drastically edited form on Sheik Yerbouti. The first being “Rat Tomago” in all it’s unedited glory, which appears as part of “The Torture Never Stops” performance. The second being “The Shiek Yerbouti Tango” in all it’s unedited glory, which appears as part of “Little House I Used To Live In” performance. It is indeed fascinating to experience these selections in their original context and lengthy form. Tonight’s show also highlights much of the material that would eventually come out with the release of Sheik Yerbouti. Hence, a superb performance of the developing material. Belew's finest "Flakes" moments could also be in this very show as he is allowed to conjure up an expanded seagull guitar section toward the end, where the end lyrics "we are millions & millions" have yet to be applied. A little more than a year following this performance & tour, the SY album was released (March 3rd, 1979) as the first release on Zappa Records. Most of the basic tracks were recorded from the live shows of this very band from this very tour whose journey began on 1977 09 08 at Arizona State University Activity Center, Tempe, AZ, USA and stretched 6 months spanning 10 countries through 1978 02 28 Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK. At the time of this performance, Terry Bozzio & Adrian Belew had but only 8 performance dates remaining with FZ. Belew was signed up with FZ solely for this tour, while Bozzio had been a veteran of the three prior consecutive FZ tours. Additional notes from pbuzby: According to Belew's blog (a very interesting blog post for Zappa fans), the first show was 1977 09 08 in Tempe AZ (appearing corrected in the text above). Incidentally, it is presumably during the Yo Mama solo of this very Berlin show that Adrian Belew was offstage and met up with David Bowie, leading to Belew's departure from FZ's band.

”Alright, you ready? Okay, all you people know the words to Ave Maria?” slight pause “Never mind” - FZ 1978 02 15 Shocked Now on with the show!

Arrow THIS COPY: 153.39 min SBD A (A- for AUD MC fills)

Arrow THE BAND: FZ, Adrian Belew, Patrick O’Hearn, Terry Bozzio, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf

01 Knick Knack Purple Lagoon Intro (1:51)
02 Dancin Fool (3:41)
03 Peaches En Regalia (2:34)
04 The Torture Never Stops (14:44)
- incl. Rat Tomago SY
05 Tryin To Grow A Chin (3:39)
06 City Of Tiny Lites (7:38)
07 Baby Sankes (1:54)
08 A Pound For A Brown (6:04)
09 I Have Been In You (10:32)
- includes German Boutique Girl preamble
- AUD patch fill 00:04:56 - 00:05:17 during the German Boutique Girl preamble
- AUD patch fill 00:08:16 - 00:08:18
10 Flakes (7:37)
11 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes (3:51)
12 King Kong (9:24)
13 Wild Love (6:23)
- subtle millisecond blip sound @ 00:02:04.015, partially appropriated
14 Yo Mama (11:36)
- q: Mo’s Vacation, You Are What You Is
15 Titties & Beer (6:00)
- AUD patch fill 00:02:53 - 00:03:21
16 The Black Page (2:58)
17 Jones Crusher (3:05)
- millisecond mic bump (?) @ 00:00:06.644 – 00:00:06.761
- slight line interference from 00:02:53.013 - 00:02:53.523
- slight line interference from 00:03:05.264 - 00:03:05.451
18 Little House I Used To Live In (15:29)
- incl. Bowling On Charen riff
- incl. The Sheik Yerbouti Tango (SY)
19 Dong Work For Yuda (2:58)
20 Bobby Brown (3:01)
21 Envelopes (2:16)
22 Drum Solo (4:23)
23 Disco Boy (5:31)
- millisecond mic bump (?) @ 00:00:44.019
24 Berlin Audience #1 (1:25)
25 Ave Maria Ground Control Encore Intro (0:35)
26 Dinah Moe Humm (6:29)
- AUD patch fill 00:02:41 - 00:03:02
27 Camarillo Brillo (3:24)
- millisecond blip present @ 00:00:37.508 - 00:00:37.562, removal not an option, blip sound reminiscent of an apple computer volume toggle being pressed once
- subtle millisecond blip present @ 00:01:22.719 - 00:01.22.768, removal not an option, somewhat masked here because of guitar part that comes screaming in
28 Muffin Man (4:01)
- a few slight millisecond mic bumps (?) audible between 00:00:05.228 through 00:01:05.685, the most prominent being located @ 00:00:25.258-00:00:25.289, removal not an option
29 Berlin Audience #2 (0:24)
- lo line level but preserved as present on SBD tape

Total time 153.39 min

- Speed Correction
- Millisecond tape source click glitches appropriated throughout
- Patch fills provided where noted in setlist

07 Baby Snakes (unfixed) (1:54)
- no appropriations made from 00:01:46.000-00:01:47.130
09 I Have Been In You (unpatched) (10:15)
- contains tape flip / cut @ 00:04:56 during the German Boutique Girl preamble
- contains dropout @ 00:07:59.500
13 Wild Love (unfixed) (6:23)
- contains full millisecond blip sound @ 00:02:04.015, blip sound reminiscent of an apple computer volume toggle being pressed once
15 Titties & Beer (unpatched) (5:37)
- contains tape flip / cut @ 00:02:54 @ “there was Milhous”
19 Dong Work For Yuda (unfixed) (2:58)
- no appropriation made from 00:01:33.033-00:01:33.202
26 Dinah Moe Humm (unpatched) (6:11)
- contains tape flip / cut @ 00:02:42

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