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George Harrison with Eric Clapton - 1991-12-01 - Kanagawa, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

George Harrison w/Eric Clapton and his band 
Yokohama Arena 
Kanagawa, Japan 
December 1, 1991 

Lineage: Unknown (from another tracker) 

Title: "Days of Speed" (MidValley MV 137/138) 

Disc one (69:45): 
(1) I Want To Tell You (5:07) 
(2) Old Brown Shoe (3:51) 
(3) Taxman (4:23) 
(4) Give Me Love (3:52) 
(5) If I Needed Someone (4:05) 
(6) Something (5:03) 
(7) Fish on the Sand (3:35) 
(8) Love Comes To Everyone (4:24) 
(9) What Is Life (4:58) 
(10) Dark Horse (4:26) 
(11) Piggies (2:57) 
(12) Pretending (6:35) 
(13) Old Love (9:45) 
(14) Badge (6:38) 

Disc two (64:59):
(1) Wonderful Tonight (9:00) 
(2) Got My Mind Set On You (5:08) 
(3) Cloud Nine (4:43) 
(4) Here Comes The Sun (3:20) 
(5) My Sweet Lord (5:56) 
(6) All Those Years Ago (5:05) 
(7) Cheer Down (4:37) 
(8) Devil's Radio (4:49) 
(9) Isn't It A Pity (8:01) 
(10) While My Guitar Gently Weeps (6:43) 
(11) Roll Over Beethoven (7:33) 

Checksum file and artwork are included.

This is the first date of the brief (two-week) Japanese tour George Harrison undertook with Eric Clapton and his touring band in late 1991; as nearly everyone knows, this would mark his final series of live appearances aside from a charity gig in London a few months later. The performance is solid throughout; the band sounded well-rehearsed and professional and based on this recording one could never sense George's well-known aversion to performing live. The setlist is identical throughout the tour, and a great mix of Beatles and solo material (with a brief EC showcase in the middle of the set). For those who have never heard one of these shows, it's worth picking up.

The recording is pretty good -- nearly all of the Japanese recordings are great -- and Mid Valley did a good job with this release. The only flaw is that there is a fair amount of crowd noise evident between songs -- to be honest, I don't know if the audience mars any of the music itself, but the taper was apparently in the midst of an enthusiastic crowd that cheered a lot between songs. From what I've heard, the audience shouldn't interfere with one's enjoyment of the show.

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