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Echo and the Bunnymen - 1984-05-12 - Liverpool, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

A Crystal Day (DVD)

Original Lineage: TV Rip> Vhs Sony> Mac Osx> MacThe Ripper> DVD Pal.
New Lineage: DVD files from that torrent (323746) -> DVDauthor 3.12 -> DVD Pal

Codec: AC3
Bitrate: 256 kb/s tot Stereo

Resolution: 720x576
FrameRate: 25
Bitrate: 9448kbps
Format: PAL
Aspect: 4:3
Codec: MPEG2

01. Thorn Of Crowns
02. Heads Will Roll
03. Zimbo
04. Silver
05. Read It In Books
06. Villiers Terrace
07. Never Stop
08. The Cutter
09. No Dark Things
10. Heaven Up Here
11. All That Jazz
12. Stars Are Stars
13. The Killing Moon
14. Crocodiles
15. Ocean Rain

Plus an Interview with Will and Les on French Tv (late 80s) (introduced by Bernard Lenoir?)

On original DVD, some chapter points started at end of song, before MAC says thank you etc. Whilst re-creating this DVD in DVDauthor, I moved some of the chapter points to just before start of song or just before introduction to song.
Original DVD had a simple menu and you could choose either the gig or the interview. It had no track menu. I've changed that. This version here will play straight away, starting with the gig when DVD inserted, but if you use remote control, you can bring up gig/interview menu and then if gig selected, you get a track menu too.

Also note, some of the songs jump abruptly into next song e.g. Heads Will Roll/Zimbo but that seems to be the way the TV station originally broadcast it. Nothing I can do to fix that.

'A Crystal day' project
If memory serves me, in order to get to this gig, you had to do certin things in Liverpool in order to get a ticket. One thing was eat at Brians Cafe and another was to take a ferry across the Mersey. You get receipts or a ticket stamped and then later were told where the gig was taking place. An double e.p. was released later and included a couple of Beatles covers.

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