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Guns N Roses - 1988-02-02 - New York, NY (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Title: "Ritz Destruction!!"
[Version #2: +1% Sharpness]

February 02, 1988 - The Ritz, New York, USA

DVD Author: Limulus

Video: (PRO) Geffen Promo VHS (NTSC, SP Mode)
Audio: (SBD) LPCM

Video Transfer:
Geffen Promo VHS (NTSC, SP Mode) -> DV/PC -> Vegas 10.0 -> dED -> Maestro -> NTSC DVD, 720 x 480 8,1 MB/sec variable (2pass encoding)
(VHS Transfer = Tuesday(!!) May 27, 2014)

Audio Transfer:
Mixed from several Westwood One silvers (-> EAC/WAV), Promo VHS, "Silver Bullet" bootleg (-> EAC/WAV) -> LPCM to get the best and most complete unedited audio parts.

Total Filesize: 4,35gb (hell yeah!!)

Set (59:12 minutes):
01) Intro
02) It's So Easy
03) Mr. Brownstone
04) Intro/Out Ta Get Me
05) Sweet Child O' Mine
06) My Michelle
07) Knockin' On Heaven's Door
08) Welcome To The Jungle
09) Band Introduction + Slash Talking
10) Nightrain
11) Paradise City
12) Rocket Queen + Outro

Bonus (5:28 minutes):
13) Mama Kin

- new release 12/30/2014 (Tuesday!)!
- this is some very nice quality from the real classic GN'R! if you're looking for a sweet little version out of the 40 (or so) circulating GN'R/Ritz'88 better get this one!
Near mint promo vhs, very high quality equipment and settings have been used for the transfer and editing. Also exact transfer details known (more on that little later as, writing this info right now, i'm short in time).
- HUGE thanks to Troccoli [], the owner from this nice promo vhs, thank you a lot for borrowing and all the waiting time!!!! Thanks a lot to "Rockphantom" for helping out with Westwood One silvers!
- no official audio/video in the menus or within the show
- intro + menu audio = parts from some more rare drum machine demos; Nightrain, Mr. Brownstone, Sweet Child O' Mine (Pasha 8/1986), all speed corrected.
- no commercials within the show
- no tv logo within the show
- no logos within the show!
- motion menus included
- show ticket, promo vhs pic and nice stage pic included in the intro/menus
- video dED: image centering, 4x black borders editing, small brightness fixing, +1% sharpness filter. no color editing, they're already sooo nice as they are.
- audio dED: just synching, crossfading, fading in/out, volume adjustment, NO EQ!
- about the audio: there doesnt seem to be a full unedited version, all the different copies do have edits here and there. even the "unedited VHS" circulating has a few "F-word-edits".
it appears that Westwood One did multitracks from the show and, in post-show-editing, turned down the volume from the vocal track for the F-words. as a result those parts couldnt be fixed perfectly and will stay so until some high quality release, re-broadcast or leak will happen (which is very unlikely).
also it seems that they did mix the show/band in mono but added stereo fan audio with different sound volume on the different releases. that also couldnt be crossfaded perfectly, you still can hear that in some parts, but nothing to do about.
- there is about 1-2 seconds video trouble in the middle end of "Rocket Queen" (at 56:48) and could not be fixed - but it isnt disturbing at all as no frames got lost, and its wayyyy better than on the Version #1/SA XP transfer (for possible upcoming bootlegs from this "free fan release"....this would be the part for verifying the source)
- this was a very time consuming project. i needed 7(!) seperate transfers to get the best (= this!) one out of this more than 26 years old vhs!
- Mama Kin is not on the Promo VHS, this "bonus clip" is sourced from an unedited VHS (lower quality) SA SP transfer but mainly overdubbed with Westwood One audio,
this song originally was played before Rocket Queen.
- This is freeware!
- There are 3 versions from this promo vhs:
Version 1 = SA XP transfer with compressed vhs audio and wrong resolution video, this is circulating for many months
Version 2 = +1% Sharpness (= this one!)
Version 3 = No Sharpness (to be released January 06 (Tuesday!!), 2015 on the gnr tracker)

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