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Roger Hogdson - 2012-07-18 - Lucca, IT (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Lucca Summer festival
Live and Direct FM radio broadcast by "Radio2 Live", Radio2 RAI [second channel of italian national radio] from Piazza Napoleone, Lucca (Italy), on wednesday 18 July 2012, 21:36 hours [CET].

Roger Hodgson - lead vocals, guitar, pianos.
Aaron Macdonald - Saxophones, Harmonica, Keyboards, Backing vocals.
Kevin Adamson - Keyboards, Backing vocals.
David J Carpenter - Bass, Backing vocals.
Bryan Head - Drums

Lineage (FM > HD > web)
ITT HiFi4060 Tuner > Audacity 2.0 via C-Media CMI8738/C3DX soundcard > 44100hz/16bit flac's (level 8) > webtorrenting

01-Take a Long Way Home
04-In Jeopardy
05-Lovers in the Wind
06-Hide in Your Shell
07-Easy Does It
08-Sister Moonshine
09-Breakfast in America
11-bands intros
12-C'est Le Bon
13-Logical Song
14-Death and the Zoo
15-If Everyone Was Listening
16-Child of Vision
17-Lord, is it Mine
18-Don't Leave Me Now
20-Fools Overture
21-encore break and radiobanters 2.41
23-Two of Us
24-Give a Little Bit
25-It's Raining Again
26-radio outro 0.34

tracklist > running time 119'15"

Notes by the uplaoder
I've always thought that supertramp were more brilliant and elaborate than many allegedly progressive groups, hence the labelling under "progressive rock" category, as this is by all accounts a Supertramp greatest hits. A great selection of great songs, really, from the ballads to the epics. And his voice it's still the same. WARNING: in italian radio customes the DJ speaks a lot in-between songs. And I mean a lot.. His/Her purpose is to introduce songs with bits of bio and translate what the artists say, or to describe to radio listeners what's happening on stage. It may gets VERY annoying, and trust me it does, thus we might consider this recording ONLY FOR COMPLETISTS. But the songs, the actual music, are (usually) not spoken over in the middle of them. It has to be noted that italian djs are on the whole adviced to talk that much by the same record companies to prevent bootlegging.
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