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Dire Straits - Once Upon A Time In The TV - Vol 02/34 (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

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Entrevista ODD ARKID STOMSTAD Noruega 21-11-1979
Entrevista Studio-L. Cologne, Germany, 16-02-1979
Reportaje Backstage Pass 1981
Sultans of Swing Solid Gold KTLA TV Los Angeles, USA 29-10-1980
Entrevista Echo des Bananes Paris, Francia 12-10-1982
Entrevista Francia 1982
Entrevista 1981
Entrevista Casablanca Sweddish TV, Suecia 07-10-1982
Entrevista BBC1 Eight days a week, London, UK 29-09-1983
Entrevista Top of the Pops London, UK 16-03-1984
Entrevista Sounds Australian TV Australia 07-03-1983
Industrial disease NA SO WAS ZDF TV Munich, Alemania 24-10-1982
Industrial disease
Romeo and Juliet
06-02-1981: Expresso Love, Skateaway, Romeo & Juliet, Tunnel of Love
07-02-1981: Tunnel of Love

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