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Jethro Tull - 1977-02-05 - Manchester, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Apollo Theatre-Manchester, England

PRRP 054

SB/TDK Cro/NAD6050C/SB Audigy 2/Audacity>WAV/CDRCue/MediaCoder>FLAC Level 8

1. Correct significant speed error.
2. Create Stereo Field from Mono recording
3. Correct Channel Imbalance
4. Adjust dynamics and correct low volume segments.
5. Repair missing sections.
6. Remove clicks and pops due to tape.
7. Re-track.
8. Rare tape distortion still present. For example, Hunting Girl beginning distorts during loud section. Recording level seems to have been turned down during
the song, eliminating further distortion.

Comments during the show:
-This is for Chris Welch, this is Too Old to Rock and Roll.
-This is from our new album, which is quite a good album, despite what you may have heard.
-I have laryngitis and the doctor said if I sing tonight I won't be able to sing too bad for them tomorrow.
-Whistle at beginning of Locomotive Breath too loud and someone says something they shouldn't.

All artwork/covers/booklets included.

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, guitar
Martin Barre - guitar
John Glascock - bass guitar
Barriemore Barlow - drums
John Evan - keyboards
David Palmer - keyboards, saxophone

Disc 1
01 Wondr'ing Aloud 2:29
02 Skating Away 4:53
03 Jack-In-The-Green 3:43
04 Thick As A Brick 14:28
05 Songs From The Wood 5:07
06 Instrumental-Drum Solo 2:59
07 To Cry You A Song 2:33
08 A New Day Yesterday 2:49
09 Flute Solo 7:18
10 Living In The Past 1:37
11 A New Day Yesterday (reprise) 2:49
12 Velvet Green 6:57

Total Time 57:42

Disc 2
01 Hunting Girl 6:33
02 Too Old To Rock'N'Roll 4:01
03 Beethoven's Ninth Symphony 3:13
04 Minstrel In The Gallery 5:22
05 Aqualung 9:16
06 Guitar Solo 3:05
07 Wind-Up 4:41
08 Back Door Angels 4:56
09 Wind-Up (repise) 2:28
10 Locomotive Breath 5:46
11 Land Of Hope and Glory 2:24
12 Back Door Angels (reprise) 1:34

Total Time: 53:19

Acquired this from one of the Tull road crew several years ago & then promptly forgot I had it. Does not seem to have surfaced anywhere, so this should help fill in the missing gaps at The Ministry of Information. The very first track on the tape is the instumental Quartet, played over the PA in the theatre, and which can be found on the Nightcap album (highly recommended). The first instrumental is also incomplete - otherwise the this is the concert in its entirety.

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  1. The cover is a rip off of the Roger Dean art work for the SNAFU album. Great album well worth a listen. Good rip here.

  2. PS forgot to add the mono version SB is better. Speed correction is not as good as it should be.