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Hawkwind - 1973-12-11 - Newcastle, UK (AUD/FLAC)

Audience Master - Remaster

Lineage: Master Tapes > FLac > Remaster > Flacs > Torrent > you.
Recorder & Equipment: Unknown.

Side one
01 The Fantasy Machine > Brainbox Pollution - 11:48
02 Wizard Blew His Horn > Lord Of Light 08:15
03 Only Dreaming - 04:55
04 Standing At The Edge > Brainstorm - 12:45
05 Seven By Seven - 09:36

Side Two
01 It's So Easy - 09:39
02 You'd Better Believe It 10:06
03 D-Rider - 08:05
04 Sonic Attack > The Watcher - 12:36
05 Warriors > Master of The Universe 10:58

06 Silver Machine > Seeing It /incomplete - gets cut off 06:28

Re-Master notes by StuArt.
Done 2012-06-06

This was a typically rough sounding recording of Hawkwind in 1973. It had loads of hiss. I decided to see if I could improve its 'listenability' for my enjoyment. I have processed it fairly hard, but that was necessary. Purists would not like this I know, but I wasn't doing it for them. They can listen to the unprocessed version and everyone is happy. What is really nice is that this is the earliest known master recording of Hawkwind that I know. Thanks goes out to those who made this tape available, nice one.

Master Audience tapes received as three FLAC files.

Audio Processing done in Adobe Audition on a Mac Book Pro.

Noise reduction - Noise floor -9db, amount of reduction -18db

Patch right to left at 3:31 to 4:11 (Side one only)

Mild soft knee compression.

Patch Left to right 20:05 to 47:21 (Side one only)

Tidy up beginning and ends.
Removal of tape start & stop speed noises at beginning and at encore.

Generally it was side one that required the most work. Its a shame that the last 27 mins of side one was made to mono. This was because the levels were so low on the right channel that it was all hiss when the levels were balanced.

There were al lot of what appears to be mic handling noise through out this recording - bangs and thuds that are definitely not from the stage. Most are in-between songs but that means they are during the spacey sections and very apparent. I manually tried to re draw the wave - using envelope and amplitude effects - this took ages and some results are better than others.

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