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Bruce Springsteen - The Early Uber Collection (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen 
Title: The Early Uber Collection 
Label: Ev2 
Format: 3CD 
- Sources, dates and locations listed above the show listings. 

source for ALL shows: 
tattoodad's uber project @ 


March 14, 1972 - Challenger Eastern Surfboards, Highlands, NJ. 
The Uber Series Volume '26' 
(Tinker West's Professional Rehearsal Room): 

01 Don't You Want To Be An Outlaw ('Jesse James', 'Billy') 
02 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 
03 When You Dance 
04 "It's A Groove When You Move" 
05 Look Towards The Land 
06 I've Got To Have You Baby 
07 "Studio Chatter" 
08 Funk Song 

Taken from audio of a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN BAND rehearsal. The band line-up is Van Zandt-Sancious-Tallent-Lopez. In addition to the 55 minutes of music there are nearly 7 minutes of fascinating between-song banter, much of it between Springsteen and Tinker West, who Bruce jokingly refers to as "Stinky". Tinker appears to be testing some new recording equipment. The sound quality is uniformly excellent. It is evident from the discussions that the rehearsals had been going on for some time before the recording starts. It should be noted that this is not Challenger's more famous Wanamassa location that Bruce had lived in during the 1969-70 Steel Mill era. Tinker West had relocated the factory to Highlands, NJ in mid-1971 and had then constructed a more professional rehearsal room. 

The standout track here is "When You Dance". Although rough quality live renditions exist, this is a clear rendition, with astounding Springsteen-Van Zandt dual lead guitar interplay. Noteworthy as well is "Funk Song" (also known as "Funk Says Right On"). There are no live renditions of "Funk Song" from this period circulating, however Bruce surprisingly resurrected it during a few shows early on the Born To Run Tour (see gig listings for 23/07/75, 29/07/75 and 08/08/75). In addition to the Dylan song, there is also a cover of "I've Got To Have You Baby", an obscure 1956 R&B single by Jimmy Jones & The Pretenders. 


May 31, 1973 - WGOE Radio, Alpha Studios, Richmond, VA. 
The Uber Series Volume '22' 
(Pre-Air Production Reel-To-Reel Tape): 

01 Intro 
02 Satin Doll 
03 Band Introduction 
04 Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? 
05 "Something Obscene" 
06 The Circus Song 
07 "Tonight We Have Vini" 
08 Growin' Up 
09 Banter 
10 New York City Song 
11 "Gonna Do One More" 
12 You Mean So Much To Me" 
13 Outro 

Sourced from the pre-air production reel-to-reel tape. This is a huge upgrade over the existing AM-sourced recording. 

This performance (which features all the band in cameos except for Vini Lopez) is highlighted by what many consider the definitive available version of "You Mean So Much To Me". During the show a fan calls into the radio station and requests Bruce's old Steel Mill chestnut "Resurrection", but Bruce doesn't play it. Interestingly as Bruce takes his seat to perform a song solo at the piano one of the entourage can be heard saying "Janey?", apparently thinking Bruce was going to perform the recently composed "Janey Needs A Shooter" to which Bruce replies "no" and instead delivers a fine version of his then-new "New York Song". 


January 6, 1974 - Joe's Place, Cambridge, MA. 
The Uber Series Volume '21' 

01 You Mean So Much To Me 
02 Growin' Up 
03 Let the Four Winds Blow 
04 Introduction 
05 Zero and Blind Terry 
06 Blinded By The Light 
07 Intro 
08 For You 
09 Tuning 
10 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 
11 "Joe Spadafora Thanks" 
12 Twist And Shout 

ONE show, double bill, with Springsteen headlining and PETER JOHNSON & THE MANIC DEPRESSIVES opening. 

Every track 'remastered', removed many cuts from sources and made some better track indexing. Only problem with audio is the hiss which is sometimes very loud (but considering the age of these shows, it's understandable).

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