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Pete Townshend - 1965-1975 - The Genuine Scoop (STU/SHN)

(Home Studio Recordings SHN)

Bootleg Label: HIWATT
5 cd Set

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Disc 1 [A]
01. My Generation
02. It's Not True
03. Circles
04. Things Have Changed
05. La-La-Lies
06. Call Me Lightning
07. The Kids Are Alright
08. I'm A Boy
09. Do The Strip
10. Kill My Appetite
11. I Can See For Miles
12. I Always Say
13. Run Run Run
14. Disguises
15. Don't Look Away
16. Politician
17. So Sad About Us
18. Happy Jack
19. Substitute
20. Pictures of Lily
21. Melancholia
22. Magic Bus
23. King Rabbit
24. Lazy Fat People
25. Riot In A Female Jail
26. Accidents

Disc 2 [B]
01. Dogs
02. That Motherland Feeling
03. Rael Pts 1-9
04. Overture
05. It's A Boy
06. 1921
07. Amazing Journey
08. Sparks
09. Christmas
10. The Acid Queen
11. Underture
12. Do You Think It's Alright?
13. Pinball Wizard
14. There's A Doctor
15. Go To The Mirror
16. Success
17. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
18. Smash The Mirror
19. Sensation
20. Miracle Cure
21. Sally Simpson
22. I'm Free
23. Tommy's Holiday Camp
24. Welcome
25. We're Not Gonna Take It
26. Mary Jane
27. Can't You See I'm Easy

Disc 3 [C]
01. Pure and Easy
02. Teenage Wasteland
03. Going Mobile
04. Baba O'Riley
05. Time Is Passing
06. Love Ain't For Keeping
07. Bargain
08. Too Much Of Anything
09. Greyhound Girl
10. Mary
11. Behind Blue Eyes
12. I Don't Even Know Myself
13. Getting In Tune
14. Won't Get Fooled Again
15. The Song Is Over

Disc 4 [D]
01. Let's See Action
02. Join Together
03. Relay
04. Put The Money Down
05. Long Live Rock
06. Love Reign O'er Me
07. Is It In My Head?
08. I've Had Enough
09. The Real Me
10. Sea And Sand
11. The Punk Meets The Godfather
12. I'm One
13. Dirty Jobs
14. Bell Boy
15. Cut My Hair
16. Drowned
17. Slip Kid

Disc 5 [E]
1. No Way Out (However Much I Booze)
2. Squeeze Box
3. Girl In A Suitcase
4. Gonna Fight To Make You Mine
5. Keep On Turning
6. Who Are You
7. Love Is Coming Down
8. New Song
9. Sister Disco
10. Never Ask Me
11. I Like It The Way It Is
12. Love Is Wine
13. Broken Nails
14. Keep On Working
15. Guitar And Pen
16. Music Must Change
17. Empty Glass
18. No Road Romance

Review by OSWALD From Hotwacks:
Billed as home studio recordings from 1965-1975, this set is a pretty monumental collection of Townsend's demos. The nature of the material makes it impossible to tell how comprehensive it is, but a quick glance imparts that this collection very nicely supercedes a series of releases, both underground and sanctioned. As any Who fan knows, Townsend's home demos make for fascinating listening -- many of the arrangements, licks, and even vocal phrasing is already present on these rougher takes. Add to that a sort of home-made funkiness (think a more pissed-off, English version of the Band), and you have a set of recordings that stack up very well against their more familiar later, full-band versions. Townsend has leaked out this
sort of stuff on the SCOOP collections for some time, but those have always been piecemeal affairs -- one track from here, another from ten years later, synth instrumentals next to unreleased songs. This collection is wonderfully focused, chronological, and in pretty strong fidelity. The three Who benchmarks, TOMMY, WHO'S NEXT, and QUADROPHENIA, are well represented, as are a host of popular album and singles tracks in sketchbook form. The thrill of having these cuts in one place and in a reasonable order is indescribable. The drawbacks to this set are few -- sound quality is pretty consistant, the material is endlessly engaging. My one complaint is the packaging. A cool mini-poster of rare foreign EP sleeves is killer, but there are no notes to put the cuts into context. That being said, it's pretty obvious where this stuff comes from, an it should be of major interest to Who buffs the world over. Pete's demo of "Empty Glass" might be the most intense thing he ever laid down...

Review by Matt Whipple from Hypertext Who:
This is another beautiful package from HIWATT! A super 5 CD set complete with a 9.5" x 14" double-sided poster. The tracks are all PT demos presented in chronological order of when they were recorded. The back insert states: "ALL TRACKS RECORDED 1965-1975 BY PETE TOWNSHEND
IN HIS HOME STUDIOS: OLD CHURCH STREET, CHELSEA AND TWICKENHAM". Although I doubt that any of the tracks for Who Are You were recorded prior to 1975. The majority of these tracks were taken from Pete's Scoop series, The Lifehouse Chronicles and Pete's website. Disc 1 actually has a 26th song not listed on the disc - Accidents (this was written by Pete for the Thunderclap Newman release - w. Speedy Keene and a very young Jimmy McCollough a lead guitarist). On Disc 2, last 2 seconds of track 3 starts to play Jaguar. Disc 5, Track 18 - should be No Road Romance NOT No Road Running as stated on the back scan. The others are from various bootlegs still not officially released. An initial listen reveals excellent sound quality.

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