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Pink Floyd - 2004 - Blurry Visions (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

DVD Video
MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) NTSC 29.97fps 7186Kbps
English, 48000Hz stereo 1536Kbps (LinearPCM)

David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Roger Waters
Richard Wright

01. Us & Them
02. The Great Gig in the Sky
03. Signs of Life
04. Echoes - Video History
05. Learning to Fly
06. Keep Talking
07. TV Adverts
08. Peter Whitehead Mini Documentary
09. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
10. Wish You Were Here 25th Anniversary Shockwave Single


Default PCR DVD Pink Floyd-Blurry Visions
This is a title that I am especially happy to be able to share with you nice folks. It's been a long, long time in coming. It all started when I received a Floyd VoIO that contained some bonus materials. These materials, I thought, were extremely poorly done. I wished at the time that I could fix it up a bit... But, sadly, I did not have any of the original source materials - so I couldn't do a better job no matter how much I wanted to.

Off I went in pursuit of the necessary source materials. As I skipped down the Yellow Brick Road, I came across many wild and hairy creatures, indeed. Among those kindly souls was Andrew Webber - a very nice guy who has been helping me weed VoIOs since this group began. Although I saw no lions or tigers, I did stumble across bear - the moderator of a certain 15 year old Floyd discussion group. I was given nourishment and provisions by our host, Steve Bennett. And, the way to the Emerald City was illuminated by our dear friend Simon.

Thus fortified, accompanied, and directed, I was able to obtain the necessary source materials and forge them into a medium that everyone can easily enjoy.

What I am speaking of, specifically, is a number of films that are available online for "immediate viewing" - that is you can view them but can't download them, capture them, or manipulate them. Some of the host sites still exist - some have gone away. These films are what I would generally call "promo" films - music videos, films made to promote a particular album's release, and so forth. Typically, these films have not been shown on MTV or VH1 or anything similar. In other words, the internet versions are all there are. When these sites go away - and some already have - the films will simply not be available. The films, on the sites that are still around, can only be viewed in miniature on a small computer screen by those folks who don't have a dial-up connection.

This just did not seem, to me, to be a good thing. Even having the source files on a CDR does not solve the problem for those who fans who are not terribly computer literate. (Try explaining how to run a Flash film offline to someone who barely knows what the big blue "e" on their desktop is!)

What was obviously needed was to convert the films - properly - to DVD. This way anyone can view them offline at anytime on a nice large screen.

Because the films all originate from an internet source of one kind or another , they suffer from data compression. That's just the way the original files are, folks. There's nothing that can be done about it. This gives the films a slightly blurry feel. You'll know it when you see it. It also gives the disk it's title - Blurry Visions. The important thing was to avoid making the films any *more* blurry than they already were!!

Although the pickier folks out there might point out that one or two of the films were, indeed, shown on MTV (such as the Learning To Fly video), I would argue in return that I rather like this version. Plus, I had a few minutes of room left on the disk - and after all - why not include it ?

The vast bulk of these films have never been seen offline anywhere before. I'm more proud of this collection than any of my prior work. I have watched this disk over and over - more than any of my other disks by far.

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