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Jimi Hendrix - Unsurpassed Masters (Studio Reels) 5 CDs (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Direct from Masters, 1st or 2nd gen studio reels 9-9.5/10
5Hours 34Minutes of pure Jimi Hendrix in excellent sound quality!
My source: CDR > FLAC

01-13 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Sessions 32:39
04-18 Rainy Day Dream Away Sessions 13:34
19-32 Mannish Boy Sessions (Part 1) 27:29

Total Time: 73:42


01-17 Mannish Boy Sessions (Part 2) 30:26
18-30 Mannish Boy Sessions (Part 3) 34:22

Total Time: 64:48


01 Jammin With Devon 3:22
02-04 Izabella Overdub Sessions 6:41
05-09 Honeybed (Including Nightbird Flying) 9:13
10 Beginnings 5:46
11 Bleeding Heart 3:55
12 Bolero 6:06
13 Crash Landing 4:44
14 Somewhere 4:22
15 Peace in Mississippi 4:52
16 Stone Free (Again) 4:12
17 Message to Love 3:55
18 Come Down Hard on Me Baby 3:56
19 Power of Soul 4:07
20 MLK 4:36
21 Power of Soul (Edit) 1:34

Total Time: 71:21


01-20 Power of Soul Sessions 35:08
21-24 How Can I Live Sessions 19:38

Total Time: 54:46

01-05 Power of Soul Sessions (Part 2) 13:36
06-10 Send My Love to Linda/Live and Let Live Sessions 15:10
11 Jimi on Bass 6:22
12-32 Bolero/Come Down Hard on Me Baby/Midnight Lightning Sessions 37:20

Total Time: 72:28

Total Length: 334:19 (5 HOURS 34MINS)

Ok folks, this is a studio of collection of Jimi's work that you cannot be without!! 5CDs, all sourced from masters, 1st gen or 2nd gen. Most of it is 1st gen.

It truly is an unbelieveable collection of 1969 and 1970 studio sessions and the content, performance and sound will blow you away I know!! There is a lot of talk between Jimi, bandmates and the control room and all you have to do is listen to the Power of Soul Sessions on CD4 and the sound quality when the engineer speaks makes you feel like you are in the booth with him!

The title of the set is very apt as these really are Unsurpassed Masters of the man with the guitar!! trust me, you will enjoy this download no doubt about it. I have more great Hendrix goodies that I will upload over the near future. All sourced from low gen recordings!!

This particular set was put together by a Hendrix preservation group about 5 or 6 years ago.

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