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Nirvana - Outcesticide (5 CD Box Set + Bonus Disk) (SBD/FLAC) by REQUEST

Nirvana - Outcesticide (5 CD Box Set + Bonus Disk)
(Soundboard FLAC)

Genre : Grunge

Year of manufacture CDs : 1994-1998
Audio codec : FLAC
Type rip : tracks Bitrate audio : lossless
Duration : 6 CD Here is the original Blue Moon Records 5-Disc Outcesticide box set, along with a bonus 6th disc from Darkside Records.
Discs were all released between 1994 and 1998.

Outcesticide - In Memory of Kurt Cobain[(2nd pressing)

picLabel: Blue Moon Records (BMCD14)
Total CD Time: 69:59 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: CDA 00138 REDEYE MUSIC 22

1. If You Must (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 3:46

2. Downer (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 1:36
3. Floyd The Barber (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 2:05
4. Paper Cuts (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 3:50
5. Spank Thru (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 3:17
6. Beeswax (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 2:32
7. Pen Cap Chew (Reciprocal 23.1.88) 2:47
8. Blandest (Reciprocal 11.6.88) 3:39
9. Polly (a.k.a. Cracker) (Barnyard 1/89) 2:20
10. Misery Loves Company (a.k.a. Seed) (Barnyard 1/89) 2:20
11. Sappy (Barnyard 1/89) 2:22
12. Do You Love Me? (Evergreen 6/89) 3:27
13. Been A Son (Music Source 9/89) 2:21
14. Junkyard (a.k.a. Token Eastern Song) (Leeds 25.10.89) 3:26
15. Opinion (KAOS 29.9.90) 1:39
16. D-7 (version) (BBC 21.10.90) 2:31
17. Imodium (Smart Studios 4/90) 3:03
18. Pay To Play (Smart Studios 4/90) 3:21
19. Sappy (Smart Studios 4/90) 3:24
20. Here She Comes Now (VARA-FM 24.11.91) 4:40
21. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (VARA-FM 24.11.91) 4:58
22. Return Of The Rat (Laundry Room 4/92) 2:59
23. Talk To Me (Ghent 23.11.91) 3:21
24. Courtney's Eulogy (Seattle 10.4.94) 6:19

Track 24 is not included on the 2nd pressing, but was included on the 3rd and after, so it was extracted from "Into The Black" d6t19 silver as a sort of bonus track


Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done

Label: Blue Moon Records (BMCD25)

Total CD Time: 74:14 / 21 Tracks
Matrix: OLI 11794

1. In Bloom (unissued Sub Pop 7" mastertape) (Smart Studios 4/90) 4:30

2. Imodium (Early version of 'Breed' with different lyrics) ("live 11/89") 3:05
3. Help Me (An unreleased song from winter 1989) (Wien 22.11.89) 2:36
4. Oh, The Guilt (Live version) (Ghent 23.11.91) 3:12
5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on trumpet) (Rio De Janeiro 23.1.93) 4:48
6. Pennyroyal Tea (Early version with different lyrics) (Chicago 12.10.91) 4:16
7. It's Closing Soon (Kurt & Courtney, The Rio Tape) (a.k.a. Closing Time) (Ariola Ltda BMG 22.1.93) 2:38
8. Heart-Shaped Box (Early version with different lyrics) (Rio De Janeiro 23.1.93) 5:27
9. Scentless Apprentice (Extended experimental feedback version) (Rio De Janeiro 23.1.93) 9:43
10. Been A Son (Acoustic rehearsal) (Minneapolis 14.10.91) 2:07
11. Something In The Way (In-store acoustic gig) (Minneapolis 14.10.91) 3:20
12. Negative Creep (In-store acoustic gig) (Minneapolis 14.10.91) 2:02
13. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Kurt solo at Castaic Lake) (Valencia 26.9.92) 2:27
14. Baba O'Riley (Covering the Who in Rennes) (Rennes 7.12.91) 3:13
15. The End (Slaughtering the Doors in Belgium) (Ghent 23.11.91) 2:22
16. Lithium (Mix six, unreleased studio version) (acoustic) (Sound City 5/91) 2:55
17. Dumb (with Melora Craeger on cello) ("2/94") 2:24
18. Molly's Lips (an early attempt at the Vaselines' song) ("11/89") 2:23
19. In His Hands (a.k.a. Verse Chorus Verse) (Unreleased song written circa Summer 1990) (Hollywood 17.8.90) 3:07
20. The Man Who Sold The World (Electric version) ("12/93") 4:35
21. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live on The Word TV Show) (The Word 8.11.91) 2:58
1995 - Outcesticide III - The Final Solution

Label: Blue Moon Records (BMCD39)

Total CD Time: 74:19 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: C 2404/mmBHP (95089121)

1. Rape Me (Canal + 4.2.94) Live 'Nulle Part A' French TV Studios

2. Pennyroyal Tea (Canal + 4.2.94) Live 'Nulle Part A' French TV Studios
3. Drain You (Canal + 4.2.94) Live 'Nulle Part A' French TV Studios
4. Marigold (a.k.a. Color Pictures Of A Marigold) (Upland Studios 23.12.90) Dave's original demo
5. Dive (Hanau 18.11.89) Early version, different lyrics
6. Mr. Moustache ("demo summer 1988") Early version with different lyrics
7. Blandest (Reciprocal 11.6.88) Original scrapped B-side of 'Love Buzz' Sub Pop 7"
8. Even In His Youth (Music Source Studios, Seattle 9/89) Early version
9. Polly (Music Source Studios, Seattle 9/89) Unfinished, Electric version
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit (MTV Studios 10.1.92) Live
11. Serve The Servants (Tunnel 23.2.94) Live, 'Tunnel', RAI Italian TV Studios
12. Dumb (Tunnel 23.2.94) Live, 'Tunnel', RAI Italian TV Studios
13. The Eagle Has Landed (a.k.a. tourette's) (Reading 30.8.92) Early live version
14. Aneurysm (Seattle 15.11.90) Early live version - different lyrics
15. Oh, The Guilt (Seattle 15.11.90) Early live version - different lyrics
16. Dive (VPRO 5.11.89) The 'Lost' radio session, VPRO, Hilversum, Holland
17. About A Girl (VPRO 5.11.89) The 'Lost' radio session, VPRO, Hilversum, Holland
18. The Money Will Roll Right In (Reading 30.8.92) Live cover of a Fang song
19. In His Hands (a.k.a. Verse Chorus Verse) (Seattle 15.11.90) Live version of an unreleased song with different lyrics
20. Curmudgeon (Ghent 23.11.91) The only live performance, from Belgium
21. Alcohol (a.k.a. High On The Hog) (Mezzago 26.11.89) For one night only this unreleased song was played in Italy
22. Run Rabbit Run (a.k.a. Raunchola) (Tacoma 23.1.88) Rough, but rare, the long forgotten set closer from 1987
23. Beans (Barnyard 12/88) Left off the 'Bleach' LP as Sub Pop thought they were retarded!

1996 - Outcesticide IV - Rape Of The Vaults

Label: Blue Moon Records (BMCD46)

Total CD Time: 76:51 / 23 Tracks
Matrix: TOBIN ROSCOE 09-08-86 CD5890 (96060102)

01. Pennyroyal Tea (Pachyderm Studios, Cannon Falls, MN 2/93)

02. Spank Thru (Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle, WA 06/11/88)
03. Territorial Pissings (Tonight With Jonathan Ross, Channel 4 Studios, London, UK 12/06/91)
04. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Top Of The Pops, BBC Television Studios, London, UK 11/27/91)
05. Rape Me (Teatro Castello, Roma, Italy 11/19/91)
06. Stay Away (Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln, NE 05/13/90)
07. Scoff (Bogart's, Long Beach, CA 02/16/90)
08. Love Buzz (Bogart's, Long Beach, CA 02/16/90)
09. Floyd The Barber (Bogart's, Long Beach, CA 02/16/90)
10. Here She Comes Now (Duffy's Tavern, Lincoln, NE 05/13/90)
11. D-7 (Reading Festival, Reading, UK 08/30/92)
12. Drain You (Melvins practice space, San Francisco, CA 4/91)
13. About A Girl (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
14. Lithium (Evergreen State College Television Studios, Olympia, WA 03/20/90)
15. Blew (Reciprocal Recording Studios, Seattle, WA 12/24/88)
16. All Apologies (Mayfair, Newcastle, UK 12/02/91)
17. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/ My Sharona ...Salle Omnisports, Rennes, FR 02/16/94)
18. Sappy (Salle Omnisports, Rennes, FR 02/16/94)
19. Bambi Slaughter (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
20. Clean Up Before She Comes (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
21. Black And White Blues (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
22. Montage Of Heck (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)
23. Escalator To Hell (Cobain residence, Aberdeen, WA 1987-1988)

Two-second gaps have been removed from about ten of the tracks.


1997 - Outcesticide V - Disintegration

Label: Blue Moon Records (BMCD98)

KAOS Olympia Community Radio - Olympia, WA United States 04-17-87
MTV Studios - New York, NY United States 01-10-92
Total CD Time: 71:46 / 22 Tracks
Matrix: BMCD 98

01. Live Through This (Demo)

02. Love Buzz [VPRO Radio, Holland].wav
03. In His Hands (Live) [17 Aug 90 Soundcheck, Hollywood Palladium]
04. Lithium (Live) [9 Feb 94, Barcelona]
05. Rape Me (Live) [9 Feb 94, Barcelona]
06. On A Plain (Live) [10 Jan 92 Soundcheck, MTV Studios, NYC]
07. Stain (Live) [10 Jan 92 Soundcheck, MTV Studios, NYC]
08. School (Live) [10 Jan 92, MTV Studios, NYC]
09. Molly's Lips (Live) [10 Jan 92, MTV Studios, NYC]
10. Aneurysm (Live) [10 Jan 92, MTV Studios, NYC]
11. Love Buzz (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
12. Floyd The Barber (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
13. Downer (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
14. Mexican Seafood (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
15. White Lace and Strange (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
16. Spank Thru (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
17-Suicide Samurai (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
18. Hairspray Queen (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
19. Pen Cap Chew (KAOS-FM Radio Apr 87)
20. More Than A Feeling (Jam) (Live) [30 Aug 92, Reading Festival]
21. My Best Friends Girl (Live) [1 Mar 94, Muncich]
22. You Know You're Right (Live) [23 Oct 93, Chicago]

1. Live Through This

The first thing a listener will hear when playing this disc is a loud "pop". Blue Moon has likely "borrowed" the Courtney Love demo from the Love Buzz CD. The Love Buzz version has a radio DJ who talks over the first few seconds of the song. Blue Moon has edited the first few seconds out and quickly fades into the song. For whatever reason, the "pop" noise was left in. This demo has Kurt on the backing vocals. The sound is FM broadcast quality.

2. Love Buzz This track is from the VPRO Hilversum radio session on 11/5/89. You can find "Dive" and "About a Girl" from this session on Outcesticide III. This track is unique to Outcesticide V.

3. Verse Chorus Verse (aka "In His Hands")

From the sound check 8/17/90. This is an upgrade from the recording found on Outcesticide II. This recording is probably borrowed from the Love Buzz CD also. Excellent stereo sound.. by far the best surfaced recording of this song.

4. Lithium

5. Rape Me
These tracks are from the 2/9/94 show in Spain. These were the only two songs broadcasted and unavailable on any other commercial bootleg.

6. On A Plain

7. Stain Tracks six and seven are the sound check to the MTV studios broadcast on 1/10/92. Sombody in the band snorts to the beat of "Sifting" before they start.

8. School

9. Molly's Lips
10. Aneurysm
Tracks eight, nine and ten are the unbroadcast songs from the MTV studios broadcast on 1/10/92. Excellent sound quality. These tracks are unavailable on any other commercial bootleg CD.

11. Love Buzz

12. Floyd The Barber
13. Downer
14. Mexican Seafood
15. White Lace and Strange
16. Spank Thru
17. Suicide Samurai
18. Hairspray Queen
19. Pen Cap Chew
Tracks eleven through nineteen are definitely the highlight of the disc. The source is apparently the same as the one tape traders have been circulating.... it garbles a little during the "scream" in Spank Thru. The difference is that these tracks have been remastered... the majority of the hiss is gone and the noise level has been increased. While it's nothing revolutionary, these tracks are a little crisper than other KAOS versions I have heard. Surprisingly, Suicide Samurai (aka Anorexorcist) might be the best sounding track from the KAOS demos. Love buzz is very early for the band and Kurt repeats the first line twice during the beginning of the song. There appears to be a little editing between some of the tracks, but nothing "important" is missing.

20. More Than A Feeling Jam

21. My Best Friends Girl Tracks twenty and twenty-one are two clips, from 8/30/92 and 3/1/94. The sound quality is quite good. I wonder if Blue Moon has access to the rest of 3/1/94???

22. You've Got No Right (aka Autopilot) This track can be found in the Season in Hell box set and Sermon on the Mount. The quality of this track appears to be a little better than those two sources. It's a nice addition that most discs neglect.


1998 - Outcesticide VI - A Mess Of Blues

Label: Darkside Records DSS CD 008

Total CD Time: 77:45 Minutes

01. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Saturday Night Live, NBCTV Studio, NYC, 11th Jan 1992)

02. Territorial Pissings (Saturday Night Live, NBCTV Studio, NYC, 11th Jan 1992)
03. I Hate Myself And I Want To Die (In Utero Outtake, Mar 1993)
04. Love Buzz (John Peel Session, BBC Maida Vale Studio, London, 26th Oct 1989)
05. About A Girl (John Peel Session, BBC Maida Vale Studio, Lodnon, 26th Oct 1989)
06. Dumb (Early studio version Produced by Mike Angles & Tim Durham 1991)
07. Lounge Act (Live Football Stadium Gig, Argentina, 1992)
08. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (Live from the 1991 Nevermind Tour)
09. Sifting(inst.) (Studio Outtake from 1989)
10. Breed (Nevermind Demo from 1991)
11. Polly (Rare opening number from Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium, 25th Aug 1991)
12. Unknown Song (NOB Radiostudio, Hilversum, Holland, 24th Nov 1991)
13. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Rare jam on this Stooges classic, Astoria, London, 3rd Dec 1989)
14. Moist Vagina (From the In Utero Sessions, BMG Rio 19-23rd Jan, 1993)
15. Milk It (From the In Utero Sessions, BMG Rio 19-23rd Jan, 1993)
16. Seasons In The Sun (From the In Utero Sessions, BMG Rio 19-23rd Jan, 1993)
17. Old Age (Partial song from the 1991 Boombox demos)
18. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Kurts 1989 side project with Mark Lanegan & Mark Pickerel & Krist on bass)
19. Big Cheese (Recorded live in 1989 for Australian radio)
20. All Apologies (Very different early studio version 1991)
21. Drain You (Early studio version. Produced by Mike Engles & Tim Durham 1991)

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