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Robin Trower - The Bob Harris Sessions (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Robin Trower - The Bob Harris Sessions

LINEAGE: 1st Gen. Analog > CDWAV > Soundforge > CD > EAC > FLAC

3/26/73 Bob Harris Show
01. Daydream 6:01
02. Sinner's Song 4:11
03. Twice Removed From Yesterday 3:31

9/26/73 Bob Harris Show
04. Day of the Eagle 3:50
05. Little Bit Of Sympathy 3:15
06. Lady Love 2:54
07. Daydream 6:42

2/20/74 Bob Harris Show
08. Alethea 3:18
09. Too Rolling Stoned 5:11
10. I Can't Wait Much Longer 5:55
11. The Fool and Me 4:24

Received these from a trader in the UK around 1992 that was affiliated with the BBC. He claims all were from his masters that he recorded himself, making them 1st gen. copies. Gklainer transferred these from the original cassettes to .wav files in 1998. Watching Robin Trower on the BBC last week reminded me how tastily he played whenever he did something for Auntie. Thought I'd dig this out of an old EHD and share it with the good people at PRLB.

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