sabato 20 luglio 2019

George Harrison & Ravi Shankar - East & West, Yin and Yang (VAR/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

compilation of various studio, sbd, and tv sources

East and West, Yin and Yang (Only Classic Rock N Roll Edition) > Eac (log file included) > Flac

01. Raga Private Instruction (George & Ravi)
02. David Frost Show (George & Ravi)
03. All Things Must Pass (acoustic guitar rendition)
04. ”I like a lot of music”, dialogue
05. Ride Rajbun (with Dhani Harrison and Ravi Shankar)
06. Yin & Yang (George & Ravi)
07. All Things Must Pass (acoustic guitar rendition)
08. Bangla Desh (George & Ravi)
09. Prabhujee (George & Ravi)
10. Anoushka (George & Ravi)
11. ”40 Years”, dialogue
12. Here Comes The Sun (SNL with Paul Simon)
13. Homeward Bound (SNL with Paul Simon)
14. Mo (promotional tribute song)
15. Abandoned Love (Bob Dylan, unreleased studio recording)
16. Rockline Radio Medley (acoustic guitar renditions)
17. Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea (pre-recorded performance)
18. Don’t Try To Own Me (vocals only, with Gary Wright)
19. Here Comes Emerson (acoustic guitar rendition)
20. Your True Love (Carl Perkins Memorial Service)
21. All Things Must Pass (acoustic guitar rendition)

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