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Philip Glass - 2001-11-11 - Washington, DC (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Choral Arts Society of Washington
Kennedy Center
Performance date: 2001-11-11
Recording date: 2007-05-29

Lineage: fm


Disk 1
Announcer 8:50
I - Before The Creation 7:04
II - Creation Of The Cosmos 6:37 
III - Creation Of Sentient Beings 7:29 
IV - Creation Of Human Beings 7:33
V - Love And Joy 8:57
VI - Evil And Ignorance 5:50

Disc: 2
Announcer 3:05
VII - Suffering 8:46
VIII - Compassion 10:13
IX - Death 10:18
X - Judgement And Apocalypse 9:09
XI - Paradise 9:42
XII - Dedication To The Merit 11:33

Some info:
The Choral Arts Society of Washington opens it’s 37th season with Philip Glass, Symphony No. 5 Requiem, Bardo and Nirmanakaya on November 11, 2001 at 2:30 p.m. in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall.Guest conductor, Dante Anzolini conducts the symphony that was commissioned and conceived as a millennium celebration work for the Salzburg Festival in 1999.

Glass wrote that he conceived of the 12-movement symphony as a bridge between past and future, moving from death (Requiem) to an in-between state (the Buddhist Bardo) to enlightened rebirth (Nirmanakaya). The symphony’s text is drawn from a remarkable collection of sacred quotations, wisdoms and traditions, from mainstream religions and the beliefs of native peoples. Pulling from every major language and religion the text, compiled with The Very Reverend James Morton evolves from chaos to humanistic hopefulness spoken in a single language – English.

This grand and inspiring symphony will feature a distinguished cast of soloists including soprano Kelley Nassief, mezzo-soprano Robynne
Redmon,tenor David Ossenfort, baritone David Arnold and bass-baritone Neal Davies. In addition, the Children’s Chorus of Washington will perform along with special visual effects ensuring an unforgettable performance.

Mr. Dante Anzolini is no stranger to Symphony No. 5, in 1999 he led the second performance of the work for the Flemish Festival in Brussels,Belgium and worked closely with Glass and Dennis Russell Davies during the recording. Anzolini has worked with composer Philip Glass on several additional projects including the world premiere of the opera, The White Raven in Lisbon for the World Expo ’98. He studiedconducting with Mariano Drago Sijanec in Argentina and with Eleazar de Carvalho at the Yale University School of Music. He is currently Assistant Professor of Music at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Music Director of the Symphony and Chamber orchestras.

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