giovedì 11 aprile 2019

The Beatles - Time Code Erased (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

IWAX presents
"Time Code Erased"
90 minutes

720x480, 5219 Kb/s
Dolby Digital 48000Hz 256 Kb/s

The 1963 Royal Variety Show
1963 Morcambe & Wise Show
1964 N.M.E. Concert
1965 Blackpool Night Out

plus these EXTRAS!

Rare Movies compilation with synched sound (includes Toronto '65, Tokyo '66, Memphis '66, S.F. '66) 
"Hey Jude" quad-screen! this is unbelievable. four different versions synched.
"Yer Blues" alternate take fullscreen

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