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U2 - 1993-11-16 - Adelaide, AU (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

11/16/1993 - 
Football Park, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 
**Zoo TV Tour - "The Zoomerang / New Zooland Tour 1993"** 
"Adelaide 1993" 

Bono - rhythm guitar, harmonica, vox 
The Edge - lead guitar, keys, b.vox 
Adam Clayton - bass guitar 
Larry Mullen Jr. - drums, percussion 
[][]=w/ Lou Reed - vox (pre-recorded & piped in via video screens) 

Disc 1: 
01. intro> 
02. Zoo Station 
03. The Fly 
04. Even Better Than the Real Thing 
05. Mysterious Ways 
06. One> # 
07. Until the End Of the World> 
08. New Year's Day 
09. Numb ++ 
10. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around the World 
11. Angel Of Harlem ** 
12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) 
13. Satellite Of Love [][] 

Disc 2: 
01. Dirty Day> 
02. Bullet the Blue Sky> 
03. Running To Stand Still> 
04. Where the Streets Have No Name> @ 
05. Pride (In the Name Of Love) 
06. "zoo tv screens madness" 
07.E: Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car 
08. Macphisto's speech & phone call> 
09. Lemon> $$ 
10. With Or Without You 
11. Love Is Blindness 
12. Can't Help Falling In Love 

#=w/ "unchained melody" rap ending 
++=w/ "don't believe the hype" snippet sample 
**=w/ "hello, goodbye" rap opening 
@=w/ "amazing grace" rap opening 
$$=w/ "congratulations" rap opening 

raps/cover tunes & their corrsponding artists: 
"unchained melody" - the Righteous Brothers, artist; Alex North & Hy Zaret, writers 
"don't believe the hype" - Public Enemy 
"hello, goodbye" - the Beatles 
"satellite of love" - Lou Reed 
"amazing grace" - trad.; John Newton, writer 
"congratulations" - Cliff Richard, artist; Bill Martin & Phil Coulter, writers 
"can't help falling in love" - Elvis presley, artist; Hugo Peretti/Luigi Creatore/George David Weiss, writers 

As a rehearsal for the upcoming filming of the 1993-11-27 Sydney concert for official release, this show was filmed in its entirety. Before "Even Better Than the Real Thing", the band conducted a satellite link-up to the backyard of a contest winner. 

This was remastered by Fradoca and shared on U2T a while back. Here are his notes... 

Lineage : Hifi Vhs-1->Cdr(eac)->Pc(eac)->Fradoca remastering->Flac 

"This is a remastered version of "Achtung Adelaide!". I've tried my best to obtain a goood sounding version of this show. Clicks hiss and some saturation were the main problems. There are couple of little flaws in "until the end of the world" and "love is blindness" that i was not able to recover. I hope you like it. I consider this for sure an upgrade over any other version of this concert." 

--PLUS-- (Dquan81 2nd remaster) 
"This dude did an absolutely phenominal job remastering this show. I've had a few different versions of this show and his was by far the best! The Zoomerang leg of the Zoo TV tour was my favorite leg of the tour with all of the Zooropa material that was added. So along with the flaws in "Until the End Of the World & "Love Is Blindness", I also found a couple of flaws in "Dirty Day" - one in the beginning and one near the end. Either Fradoca or the person who had the original transfer cut those flaws out completely, leaving a skip in the song. Since it's my favorite Zoomerang show, I had to see what I could do about these imperfections so I sat down and went to work on the flaws. I cut, pasted, mixed and edited and when all was done, the songs flow seamlessly now. Hope it's cool that I share this. Thanks to Fradoca for his excellent remastering!" 

--plus--dc offset, EQ (slight, tasty bass bump), Sec.Balance, 
PD&Norm, comb thruCR, RT, info research by vanillag--7/2016. 

OK, so first & foremost...mad props, much respect & many thanks to Fradoca for his amazing work on putting the best version of this together & his remaster of it. Also to U2T user Dquan81 for his further fixing of some problems that still existed (nice work!!). Now we come to the third remastering of this beauty...why?? Why did I feel the need to remaster something again that already sounded so wonderful?? Well, when I opened this up in WAV & checked it out, I saw there were still a few things wrong with it that I could not live with & so I fixed them & felt the changes were enough of an improvement to share with everyone again. I hope no one feels that I am stepping on their toes by doing so. The first thing I noticed is that the whole thing was unbalanced throughout, being left-channel heavy to the tune of around 1.10db on the average...this was a little different in places the way it was off, but I used a couple audio tricks to get it all beautifully balanced (changes made during silences between tunes that one will never find) & now it makes such a great headphone listen as well. Then I felt it needed just a bit more bass in there (I don't know about y'all, but I like Adam's bass to be just as equal in the mix as Edge's guitar, Larry's drums & Bono's vox). I experimented with a bunch of different EQs until I found one that was tasty enough without making the bass overpowering, etc. I think it is truly delicious now, but of course, this is my remaster--HA!! After all that, I combed through the entire show with open ears looking for any more problems that it may contain & found & removed around 17 more clicks/pops, etc. I only removed the ones that could be 
removed completely without any residual noise &/or making them worse. For instance, there is still a click at the beginning of "UTEOTW" that just could not be fixed without making it have a much more noticeable 'pop'. That click happens during a loud guitar & drum hit anyhow & can barely be heard unless one is really looking for it. Dquan81 did a great job fixing the problems he mentioned in "UTEOTW", "DD" & "LIB"...I found a couple more that I fixed, but an excellent job nonetheless. 

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