Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Simple Minds - Dutch Daze (FM/FLAC)

(FM Broadcast or Soundboard FLAC)

Format: CD in jewel case with colour insert.
Release Information: Insect IST 29.


silver bootlegs>WAV>FLAC8>You

01 - King is white and in the crowd
02 - Glittering prize
03 - I travel
04 - Celebrate
05 - The american
06 - Hunter and the hunted
07 - Someone somewhere (In summertime)
08 - Promised you a miracle
09 - Big sleep
10 - Premonition
11 - King is white and in the crowd

Tracks 01-09: 1983-03-07, Vereeniging, Nijmegen, Holland
Tracks 10-11: 1982-06-16, Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland

Additional Information from "Dream Giver":
After a two month break, the 'New Gold Dream tour' continued in the lowlands with dates across The Netherlands and Belgium. "Dutch Daze" is a recording of one of these early gigs when the set-list was dominated by the current 'New Gold Dream' album with a scattering of early singles thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately despite the crisp, clear and even recording, "Dutch Daze" chose to drop several tracks from the Vereeniging gig, (namely "Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel","New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)","Love Song" and "Sweat In Bullet") and instead substitute two tracks from a previous year. (These songs were probably from a different source than the "Life In A Day" CD bootleg, which covers the same concert, as this recording is much sharper and clearer.)
This odd choice meant two helpings of "King Is White And In The Crowd" from different concerts which neatly bookend the CD but was not what the band ever performed. Despite these inconsistencies (and an annoying index error on the disc itself),"Dutch Daze" is recommended for its colourful packaging and the quality of its recordings.

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