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Led Zeppelin - 1977 - Over America (2xDVDfull aud/pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull aud/pro-shot)

"Every Zep 8mm in circulation from the 1977 tour"
Cosmic Energy

Lineage: Trade DVD-R --> VIDEO_TS subfolder (using DVD Decrypter)

GSpot analysis of VOB files:

Video Codec: MPEG2 / NTSC / 4:3 / 720x480 / 29.970 frames per sec

Disc One
Old Grey Whistle Test November 2, 1976 (11:54)
This one odd interview with Robert Plant and band manager Peter Grant was uniquely conducted during a boat-trip down the famous Thames River.

Chicago, Illinois April 9, 1977 (14:55)
The fifth night of the tour! Page falls ill stopping the concert. Close but blurry footage with actual sound. Well worth watching for historic purposes. Listen as Plant explains to a befuddled audience why they are stopping the show early.

Chicago, Illinois April 10, 1977 (4:22)
Page is captured with his famous "stormtrooper" outfit. Full stage shot with synchronized sound makes it very pleasurable to watch.

Birmingham, Alabama May 18, 1977 (10:01)
A high commodity video back in the mid 1980s. Footage with actual sound filmed stage left. 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana May 19, 1977 (14:58)
Arguably the best document of the band from this tour. Silent footage with fantastic stage shots. Also includes footage of the "Starship" arriving at the airport and the band is seen shuffling out. This film was unfortunately dirty or damaged when processed leaving a swarm of particles on the transfer, most noticeably during the brighter moments of the footage.


Disc Two
Plaza Hotel, New York, New York June 1977 (2:16)
Amazing daytime footage of all four members outside the hotel. The band is seen hustling off to the awaiting limos. A rare off stage gem! Silent.

New York, New York June 14, 1977 (6:33)
Decent silent footage captured from left of the stage. The band is at its energetic best.

Los Angeles, California June 1977 (24:47)
Infamous footage that's been circulating forever. Synched with matching audio. Wonderful film capturing three of an incredible six night stand at the Fabulous Forum. The band reaching peaks at one of their favorite venues.

Los Angeles, California June 23, 1977 (9:43)
Historic treasure of footage of the famous "Badge-holders" gig with Keith Moon making a special guest appearance. Filmed from the front of the stage with synched audio. A summit of the two greatest drummers in rock!

Oakland, California July 23, 1977 (8:45)
An outdoor concert and filmed close to the stage. Clear daytime footage with synched audio, the band shows odd their power... flaws and all. Plant acknowledges all the nurses! This is the second to last ever United States performance of the band.

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