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Bruce Springsteen - 2009-11-15 - Milwaukee, WI (IEM/AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST


Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 
Title: It's Hard Being the Boss! 
Date November 15, 2009 
Venue: Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
IEM-AUD Mix by Flynn 
Artwork: Monte 

IEM Lineage: Crew IEM feed => Sennheiser IEM box => iRiver H140 (16-bit) => Audio Cleaning Lab => + FLAC (16/44) 
AUD lineage (Eisenheim): Edirol R9/ Core Sound HEB mics > Adobe Audition > CD Wave > Trader's Little Helper [FLAC] 

Files tagged in Media Monkey 

01. Cadillac Ranch (4:12) 
02 Badlands (5:46) 
03. Hungry Heart (4:12) 
04. Working on a Dream (6:30) 
05. BTR intro (1:30) 
06. Thunder Road (5:58) 
07. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (4:57) 
08. Night (3:18) 
09. Backstreets (8:30) 
10. Born To Run (6:10) 
11. She's The One (5:31) 
12. Meeting Across The River (3:58) 
13. Jungleland (11:47) 
14. Darlington County (5:55) 
15. Waitin' on a Sunny Day (7:38) 
16. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (5:14) 
17. Loose Ends intro/rehearsal (0:46) 
18. Loose Ends (4:50) 
19. Jole Blon (4:04) 
20. Growin' Up (3:33) 
21. Into The Fire (6:20) 
22. The Rising (4:58) 
23. No Surrender (6:02) 
24. Living Proof intro/rehearsal (2:58) 
25. Living Proof (5:01) 
26. Kitty's Back (13:32) 
27. American Land (7:41) 
28. Dancing in the Dark (6:33) 
29. PSA (1:35) 
30. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (7:58) 
31. Higher and Higher (9:29) 

Suggested disc splits: 
Disc 1: 1-11 
Disc 2: 12-23 
Disc 3: 24-31 

Artwork, FFP and Md5 signature files included. 

This project was a collaboration among long time Springsteen fans. Thanks to Ademotte for the iem tape. Thanks to Monte for the usual stellar artwork. Thanks to Flynn for all the hard work and artistry displayed on this wonderful boot... Oats 

Comments from Ademotte regarding the iem tape used in this mix: 
This show took place at the tail end of the "Working on a Dream" tour, and as with all Bruce tours, the performances continued to gather a head of steam as they built toward the close. I happened to be at the Chicago show (the first time "Born To Run" was performed in its entirety) and Buffalo (the last date of the tour, and Clarence's last show), so I'd completely forgotten this one until I ran across the FLACs this week. Not a bad show -- in addition to BTR, this show features some nice rarities such as "Loose Ends," "Jole Blon," and "Living Proof" (the latter of which they needed to teach themselves again, because it had been so long since they'd last played it). In hindsight, quite an enjoyable show. 

The recording itself sounds excellent; vocals are prominent and for the most part the band members are well-balanced. There are various points where instruments are under-represented (Clarence's sax comes to mind), but on the whole this is a really solid recording. *Note: there is a noticeable improvement in the new mix. 

As an aside, I almost deleted this recording by mistake. I was very new to using the iRiver at the time and didn't realize it automatically inserted a track split at roughly the two-hour point in the recording ... I checked it out when I got back to the car and assumed I only had a partial recording, and set the deck aside for a couple of months. When I went to clear out the memory for the next show, I realized I had another WAV file that I hadn't been aware of -- turned out I had the entire show, glitch-free, from the crew feed. It was a nice surprise! 

Brucebase: Bruce jokes about his mix-up in Michigan - "Good evening Ohio!... Aw, I'm just fuckin' with ya!" Somehow the faux-pas managed to make the world news. Born To Run album is performed. "Living Proof" is a tour premiere, played completely off the cuff, by sign request. Other songs played by sign request are "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town", "Loose Ends", "Jole Blon", and "Growin' Up". Second tour appearance of "Jole Blon". "American Land" includes a snippet of "Theme From Shaft" in the midsection. Curt Ramm lends trumpet to "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", "Meeting Across The River", "Kitty's Back", "American Land" and "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher". Patti Scialfa is not present.

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