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David Bowie - 1997 - TV and Radio Performances (TV/FM/FLAC)


Old FLACs --> FLACfrontend [files checked] --> TLH [ffp and md5 created]

1997-01-03 or 04 Sir Studios, New York, New York, USA [soundboard] 31' Radio performance: ChangesNowBowie 
1997-02-08 NBC-TV Studios, GE Building (Studio 8H), New York, New York, USA [soundboard] 8' TV performance: Saturday Night Live 
1997-02-17 Canal+ Television Studio, Paris, France [soundboard] 9' TV performance: Nulle Part Ailleurs
1997-03-03 NBC-TV Studios GE Building (Studio 8G), New York, New York, USA [soundboard] 5' TV performance: Rosie O'Donnell Show 
1997-04-04 The Ed Sullivan Theater, New York, New York, USA [soundboard] 4' TV performance: The Late Show With David Letterman 
1997-04-10 30 Rockefeller Center (Studio 6A), New York, New York, USA [soundboard] 8' TV performance: Late Night With Conan O'Brian 
1997-04-18 Whitehall Theatre, London, UK [soundboard] 9' TV performance: The Jack Docherty Show 
1997-09-26 CFNY 102.1 Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [soundboard] 12' Radio performance: CFNY 
1997-10-14 Capital Theatre, Port Chester, New York, New York, USA [soundboard] 44' TV performance: Ten Spot 
1997-12-07 Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California, USA [soundboard] 41' Radio performance: KROQ - Almost Acoustic Christmas 

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