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The Cure - 2000-2004 - U.S. TV Appartenances (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)


Transferred from 1st generation VHS tapes. 

Satellite broadcast>HI FI Stereo VHS tape (SP mode)>Pinnacle Studio DV AVI>DVD 

PCM Stereo 
Bit Rate: >9,000 Kbps 
Picture Resolution: 720x480 
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps 
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 
Length: 45 minutes 
Menu: Yes 
Chapters: Yes 

MADtv (broadcast 2000)
01 - Maybe Someday 
02 - Inbetween Days 

Craig Kilborn
Broadcast 9/19/2003: 
03 - Show introduction 
04 - Carl Reiner Segment (Cure related) 
05 - 10:15 Saturday Night 
06 - Robert Smith Interview (tape runs out during segment) 
Broadcast the next week: 
07 - Just Like Heaven 

Jay Leno (broadcast May 2004): 
08 - The End of the World 

Pepsi Smash (broadcast June 3, 2004)
09 - Robert Smith Interview (recorded at RFK Stadium 5-22-2004) 
10 - The End of the World (recorded at RFK Stadium 5-22-2004) 
11 - Lovesong (recorded at RFK Stadium 5-22-2004)

During the 2000-2004 period, The Cure made several U.S. television appearances to promote "Bloodflowers", "The Cure" and the Curiosa Festival. I was ready with my VCR to record whatever I was aware of. I just dug these tapes out and realized I had enough to create a decent compilation, and here it is. This is all first generation and in great shape. The appearances included here are MADtv (2000), Craig Kilborn (2003), Jay Leno (2004) and Pepsi Smash (2004). The song list follows. 

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