venerdì 19 luglio 2019

Deep Purple - 1970-11-22 - Croydon, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

this is a remaster of another source

Deep Purple: Croydon, Fairfield Hall, UK 1970-11-22 remaster BFOC Edition
VENUE: Fairfield Hall University, Bradford UK
LINEAGE: Unknown

Disc One
01. Swiss Rock 'N' Roll
02. Speed King
03. Into the Fire
04. Child In Time

Disc Two
01. Wring That Neck
02. Paint It Black
03. Black Night
04. Lucille

This one took a little bit of work. I had to fix the balance on it. It used to jump back and forth, in & out from left to right constantly. There was even a part I fixed where the right side disappeared completely. I also removed the tape hiss and that weird out of phase sound. Sorry for the small cuts in between tracks. I did the best I could to repair this. And last but least I did a speed correction. It was a little slow.

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