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The Who - 1999-11-12 - Chicago, IL (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

The Who
12th November 1999
House Of Blues

Unknown Generation Pro-Shot Source Tape > SA Recorded DVD > PC Authored DVD

Video: NTSC 352x480 29.97fps
Average Bitrate: 6153kbps (Disc 1) and 5786kbps (Disc 2)
Peak Bitrate: 8547kbps (Disc 1) and 8393kbps (Disc 2)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Generic
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3 48khz 256kbps

Roger Daltrey,
John Entwistle,
Pete Townshend,
John Rabbit Bundrick,
Zak Starkey

disc 1
01 I Can't Explain
02 Substitute
03 Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
04 Pinball Wizard
05 My Wife
06 Baba O'Riley
07 Pure And Easy
08 Getting In Tune
09 You Better You Bet
10 Behind Blue Eyes
11 Tattoo
12 Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
13 I'm A Boy
14 Boris The Spider
15 Eminence Front (Cuts In)

Disc 2
01 After The Fire
02 5:15 (Cut In Source Tape After 5:15)
03 Who Are You
04 Magic Bus
05 Won't Get Fooled Again (Cut In Source Tape After Won't Get Fooled Again)
06 The Kids Are Alright
07 A Legal Matter/Ring Of Fire (Cuts In During Intro Chords)
08 My Generation (Cut In Source Tape Before My Generation)
09 Let's See Action

Eddie Vedder joined The Who for the second encore to sing Let's See Action.

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