Thursday, June 8, 2017

Rush - 1984-11-25 - Honolulu, HI (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Neil Blaisdell Center

CD-R > EAC > TLH FLAC(8) > Dime

CD: 1
Intro / Spirit Of Radio (missing) 
01. Subdivisions 
02. The Body Electric 
03. The Enemy Within 
04. The Weapon 
05. Witch Hunt 
06. New World Man 
07. Between The Wheels 
08. Red Barchetta 

CD: 2 
01. Distant Early Warning 
02. Red Sector A 
03. Closer To The Heart 
Kid Gloves (missing) 
04. YYZ 
- Drum Solo 
- YYZ (Cont.) 
- Temples Of Syrinx 
- Tom Sawyer 
05. Red Lenses 
Vital Signs (missing) 
Finding My Way (missing) 
In The Mood (missing) 

Before the song "The Enemy Within" Geddy says, "it's nice to be here in Hawaii to play for you folks". Before the song "Red Lenses" Geddy says that it's the last show of the Grace Under Pressure Tour

Very good soundboard recording of the last show of the Grace Under Pressure Tour

I received this recording from a friend of mine named Larry, Larry owned a music store on Oahu called "Paradise City Music & Collectables", I worked there when I lived on Oahu, I think Larry knows the person that recorded this show, I always wanted a copy, but Larry told the person that gave him the CD-Rs that he wouldn't let anyone copy them, so Larry wouldn't share them with anyone, I could listen to them, but I couldn't copy them, then a few years later in 1998, after moving back to California, Larry sold me the CDs

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