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The Rolling Stones - 1981-11-01 - Dallas, TX (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Cotton Bowl

"Waiting on a Friend in Dallas"

CDR > xACT > FLAC (Level 8)

Disc one (71:30):
(1) Under My Thumb (3:48)
(2) When The Whip Comes Down (5:05)
(3) Let's Spend The Night Together (4:29)
(4) Shattered (4:49)
(5) Neighbours (4:41)
(6) Black Limousine (4:16)
(7) Just My Imagination (8:12)
(8) Twenty Flight Rock (2:19)
(9) Let Me Go (5:03)
(10) Time Is On My Side (4:06)
(11) Beast of Burden (3:18)
(12) Waiting on a Friend (5:02)
(13) Let It Bleed (7:39)
(14) You Can't Always Get What You Want (8:34)

Disc two (57:26):
(1) Band introductions (1:31)
(2) Little T&A (4:06)
(3) Tumbling Dice (4:47)
(4) She's So Cold (4:04)
(5) All Down The Line (4:36)
(6) Hang Fire (2:56)
(7) Miss You (6:39)
(8) Start Me Up (5:14)
(9) Honky Tonk Women (3:57)
(10) Brown Sugar (3:58)
(11) Jumping Jack Flash (9:43)
(12) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (5:50)

I ran across this one tonight on an archive spindle and since I just posted the Halloween show today, thought it might be helpful to share the second night in Dallas as well. This was shared on Dime in October 2005 by Dime user "Snapps" -- many thanks to him/her for the original share. It appears there have been at least two bootleg releases of this show that have run on Dime ("Executive Action" and "Crossfire Hurricane"); I'm not sure how this compares, but by all means if you have one of those titles feel free to share it here for comparison.

The second night here has the identical setlist to the prior night, and to most of the tour. Most of these shows were relatively stagnant in terms of setlist, but the performances were generally high-energy though (in my opinion) kind of sloppy. I'm not a fan of Mick's vocals on this tour, but the setlists were great. This tour certainly helped to establish their reputation as one of the best live acts around, and one of the top acts of their generation.

Sound quality is very good, perhaps not quite as powerful on the low end, and features an overall good mix. Hopefully this will fill a gap for some collectors.

If you are a Stones fan, chances are you already know what you'll find here -- a mix of newer songs and deep tracks in the first hour, followed by Keith's mini-set (on this tour, only one song) and a greatest-hits selection to close the show. I haven't listened to this one in depth, so perhaps others can comment on how this performance compares to other nearby dates on the tour. It recently dropped off the tracker after its most recent (2011) posting, so I thought I'd toss this up during the free-leech period for the voracious Stones collectors who don't have it.

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