sabato 29 luglio 2017

Black Sabbath - 1975-08-05 - Asbury Park, NJ (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

01 Supertzar/Killing Yourself to Live    
02 Hole in the Sky    
03 Snowblind    
04 Symptom of the Universe    
05 War Pigs    
06 Megalomania    
07 Sabbra Cadabra/Jams
08 Sometimes I'm Happy
09 Supernaut  
10 Iron Man  
11 Orchid/Rock and Roll Doctor    
12 Don't Start (Too Late)    
13 Black Sabbath    
14 Spiral Architect    
15 Embryo    
16 Children of the Grave    
17 Paranoid    

Source Info:
I got this source from Usenet in SHN, and I did my thing and encoded in Flac. Beyond that is anybody's guess. But you have my stamp of approval for quality.

Sabbaths' early albums just didn't capture the full on energy of the band, it seemed "canned" and somewhat light-weight compared to their live shows. Unbridled and raw, the band live had so much more impact. This is an excellent representation of that fact.

6 commenti:

  1. If you don't have this one, you need it.

    - Bernie

  2. I don't know if this is it but, there is a version floating around in space that has the channels swapped backwards, which causes the Stereo the cancel out. Just make sure Tommi is clearly panned to the left channel and you're good FYI ::)

  3. Besides that; this is the definitive Black Sabbath w/ Ozzy Live. Pittsburg 1976 is a decent 2nd... IMO

  4. Un mas cosa mi amigos... There is also a terrible, super-tin 'remaster' of this out there in space, which is just bad. Again, don't know if this is it or not...

  5. One more thing... why do 99% of the 'Remasters' I hear just sound like they hit the 'make it sound digital and tinny' button? I don't even want to call my stuff 'Remasters' due not wanting to be lumped in with that crowd...