giovedì 25 aprile 2019

Joni Mitchell - 1995-11-06 - New York, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Fez 

.wav files>.flac level 8 in TLH 

Joni Mitchell Guitar (VG-8), Vocal 
Briana Blade: Drums 

For the story about this concert, see: 


01 Introduction 
02 Refuge of the Roads 
03 Hejira 
04 Sunny Sunday 
05 Happy Birthday, Joni 
06 Just Like This Train 
07 Moon at the Window 
08 Magdelene Laundries 
09 Lead Balloon (instrumental--in progress) 
10 Crazy Cries of Loves 
11 The Three Great Stimulants 
12 Cherokee Louise 
13 Happiness is the Best Facelift 

01 Song For Sharon 
02 Turbulent Indigo 
03 Love Puts on a New Face 
04 Night Ride Home 
05 Amelia 

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