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Supertramp - 1977-11-10 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Queen Mary College 1977

01. Give A Little Bit
02. Bloody Well Right
03. Lady
04. From Now On
05. Babaji
06. Poor Boy
07. Dreamer
08. Another Man's Woman
09. Hide In Your Shell
10. Fool's Overture

1,3,5,8: WW1 Superstar Concert Series #93-29 (pre-FM CD)
4,7,10: WW1 Superstar Concert Series #98-23 (pre-FM CD)
2: WW1 BBC Classic Tracks #93-01 (pre-FM CD)
6: London Wavelength BBC Rock Hour #343 (pre-FM LP)
9: BBC4 TV broadcast 10Nov06

This release is the result of a team work and would not have been possible without the help and generosity of PaulHarald, who provided most of the pre-FM sources for this project. So thanks again, PaulHarald, for your help and patience!

This concert from Queen Mary College was taped by the BBC on November 10, 1977, and broadcast various times, in both radio and TV formats. Several FM recordings surfaced, but usually in an incomplete form and very often mixed with tracks from another concert at London's Hammersmith Odeon, recorded on March 9, 1975.

Several transcription CDs were produced for radio stations by Westwood One during the 1990s, with superb stereo pre-FM quality. The main problems of these radio CDs are that none of them featured the complete 1977 BBC recording, and that tracks from the Hammersmith 1975 show were included too, creating big confusion (DJs talking on the Westwood One CDs usually announce all songs as being from the Queen Mary
College concert, while about half of them are actually from Hammersmith).

The purpose of this release was to compile all the known Queen Mary College recordings in order to have the most complete version of the concert, with the best possible sound quality.

Almost all the tracks are directly taken from the Westwood One pre-FM CDs, with some exceptions:

- Poor Boy was not available in CD format, so the version presented here was taken from a BBC transcription LP ("Rock Hour #343"). There was also the possibility to take it from the TV broadcast versions, but all TV broadcasts of that concert have a mono mix. So the stereo version from the BBC LP was preferred.

- On CD, the reprise at the end of Lady was edited out, so the BBC Rock Hour LP was used for this last part of the song.

- Hide In Your Shell only surfaced on 10Nov06, when BBC4 TV did a special 30 minute rebroadcast of the concert, with this track as a nice surprice at the end (never broadcast previously!).

- All the pre-FM versions of Bloody Well Right (on CD and LP) have 2 edits: one at the end of the keyboard intro, and another during the ending instrumental section with saxophone solo. Therefore, the version presented here comes mainly from CD, with 2 patches taken from the (complete but mono) version on the TV broadcast.

As a companion to this CD, This Place Records recommend the DVD version (TPR DVD 003) with superb video and, for the very first time, stereo sound!

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