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Nirvana - 1991-11-19 - Rome, IT (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

infos here

Source: PRO #1a - professional video
Length: 54 mins - incomplete

Transfer 2 
Generation: TV>VHS(1)>DVDR with alt audio, "On A Plain" (PRO #1b stereo sbd) 
Transferred by: Tim Hall
Video: 8 mb/s average (PAL)
Audio: PCM

Source: Pro#1a + SBD #1b
Generation: TV->VHS(1) + FM Audio

Equipment: Panasonic H583085 VCR (SVHS)->Canon MVX2501 (Analog Passthrough)->Firewire
Software: Scenalyzerlive 2.1. Cool Edit Pro 2. Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.
Canopus Procoder 2. Sony DVD Architect 2.

Source List: 
Video: Aneurysm: TV->VHS(1) (Paulo L.)
All Other Songs: TV->VHS(1) (Paulo V.)

Audio: Post-FM from best sources-
CD(M)->CDR(1) of "Seattle Sound Sounds Great" + "On A Plain"
VHS(1) audio used to patch any missing "between song" noise.

01 - Aneurysm 
02 - School 
03 - Floyd The Barber 
04 - Smells Like Teen Spirit 
05 - About A Girl 
06 - Polly 
07 - Lithium 
08 - Sliver 
09 - Come As You Are 
10 - Breed 
11 - Been A Son 
12 - Negative Creep 
13 - On A Plain 
14 - Blew 
15 - Rape Me (cuts in slightly) 
16 - Spank Thru 
17 - Territorial Pissings 

The opening song, "Drain You" is missing. Audio from the performance of the missing song, "Drain You" is included as a bonus track on this DVD however. This is an excellent pro-shot which has great shots of all members. The picture is very dark at times though. The picture quality is very good but does appear a little grainy during some shots. The audio is soundboard and of very good quality.

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  1. I saw them a couple weeks before this in SF. I'll never forget; I was 17 and when I bought my tix in July, nobody wanted to go with me to this unknown band. Then of course they hit big (I got 'Nevermind' the day it came out and stayed up until 3am to see the video for 'Spirit' on MTV - so nice to new bands), the police had Market St. cut off and there were hundreds of people filling the street at the Warfield. I got to go through them like a star and yuppies were offering me hundreds for my ticket (remember this is the 90's and tickets were $20.) It was nothing but punk kids like me inside which was so cool. All the f*cks were outside. Probably the last true punk rock-style show ever. I miss 90's music Dvds. I hate the new 20 cuts per second style. Great Pro-Shot vid with PCM sound, can't beat that. You actually can see the whole band, and not just close-ups of the singer. THANKS EDGE and the taper, etc...

  2. If anyone has the Warfield - Oct. 30th 1991 - please post somewhere! thx. I know there is a SBD of L7 (i didn't bother seeing them) so there could be one of Nirvana. In 1989 I wanted to name our band 'Nirvana' (after the Cult song) and my friend told me it was already in use... weak.