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Yes - 1980-11-20 - Birmingham, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Fly From Here

Drama Tour
Birmingham Odeon
Birmingham, UK
Audience Recording
Quality B-
Artwork Included
Re Seed From 2009
Time 112.40
Clever Trevor Refix.



Trevor Horn

Geoff Downes
Chris Squire
Alan White
Steve Howe

Disc 1

01. Close Encounters intro / Does It Really Happen
02. Yours Is No Disgrace
03. Into The Lens
04. Clap
05. And You & I
06. Go Through This
07. Man In A White Car Suite
08. We Can Fly From Here
Disc 2
01. Tempus Fugit
02. Amazing Bass / The Fish
03. Machine Messiah
04. Starship Trooper
05. Roundabout

Relayermans Notes............
I got this show in a tape trade in the early '80s and is not all that good. It is, however, an early UK tour show and Trevor's voice is not all that bad in this one. There are a couple of tiny breaks in songs, but does not detract from the overall performance. I would guess that the casual Yes listener would bypass this show. I have tweaked it as best as possible. It appears that when the taper taped it the levels were set a little too high as there is some distortion here and there. I would also guess this is at least a 2nd gen recording. The audience appears a little rowdy. At one point during Man In A White Car someone clearly yells out,"Bring back Wakeman!". And a few Shouts of "Jon Anderson" which is like paying to watch some Ice Skaters, then tripping them up as they perform!

Clever Trevors Notes...........

This was the second worse condition Drama show i've heard, half of what would be heard was Tape Hiss, it was rated a C quality it is now a B-
The Hiss Level was brought down to -57.4 db level,anything more would have taken any high frequencies away. The Reduce Hiss Level was brought down to -26.4 db and De Clicker was  used. I also had a plate of chips while doing this. A couple of cuts in Go Through This and We Can Fly From Here which are left as they are. It isn't perfect,but then again what is? Clever Trevor Feb. 2009.

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