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Bob Dylan - 2012-11-16 - Montreal, QC (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bell Centre

Taper: Walkin' Dude

Source: SP-CMC-8 > Sony PCM-M10
Transfer: .wav > Cool Edit Pro > CD-WAV/FLAC v1.7.1 > .flac

Bob Dylan - keyboard, piano, harp

Tony Garnier - bass
George Recile - drums
Stu Kimball - rhythm guitar
Charlie Sexton - lead guitar
Donnie Herron - viola, violin, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

Disc One

01. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
02. Girl of the North Country
03. Things Have Changed
04. Tangled Up In Blue
05. Early Roman Kings
06. Make You Feel My Love
07. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
08. Desolation Row 

Disc Two
01. Highway 61 Revisited
02. Forgetful Heart
03. Thunder on the Mountain
04. Ballad of a Thin Man
05. Like a Rolling Stone
06. band intros
07. All Along the Watchtower
08. Blowin’ In the Wind

This was my first Bob show in some time - since the Wang Theatre run in Boston in 2009. I read the Toronto reviews and didn't quite know what to expect, other than the fact that the set list for Montreal wouldn't be as good as Toronto. There were a lot of negative reviews of the Toronto show, some from long time Dylan fans that said in general that Bob's voice was too loud in the mix (it can never be loud enough for me) and also that his piano was so loud that it drowned out the rest of the band.

So away we went to the Bell Centre, not quite knowing what to expect. I'll admit that hearing Bob's piano live was a bit of a shocker; it definitely was louder than any other instrument and it seemed that at times he was pounding it with little regard for a melody. The funny thing is that the more I listen to the recording the more it grows on me. I will say that Charlie Sexton was very subdued and underused. It's Stu Kimball doing the lead (slightly behind) on Tweedle and he took over the lead on at least one other song as well, despite Bob saying he's on rhythm during the intros.

All in all I'd go see Bob again any time, even though the set lists don't vary nearly as much as they used to. It's still a privilege to watch the way he moves and the grimaces that come out of him. They're unique and delightful.

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