giovedì 21 giugno 2012

Gentle Giant - 1980-05-18 - New Haven, CT (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Toad's Place

performance quality - B+
recording quality - A-
source - 1st generation FM broadcast tape

01 - Convenience
02 - All Through The Night
03 - Free Hand
04 - Memories
05 - Knots > Playing The Game
06 - Giant For A Day >
07 - Inside Out
08 - It'S Not Imagination >
09 - Underground > Drums
10 - For Nobody
11 - The Advent Of Panurge
12 - Number One

This was Gentle Giant as broadcast live on WPLR. Thanks to Dave in Ct. for my copy of this which is a 1st generation copy of his master tape. A pretty good recording, not as clear in the first couple of songs due to the sound mix (this happened a few times on this tour) but the recording is consistent, no static or hiss that I could notice and the tapes have survived the 27 years well. It's the full show, tape flipped just after inside out ended. Unlike some 1980 GG shows (including the only one I saw), this one closes with "number one", the other songs are the standard setlist for this tour. Someone may have a better recording of this but not much better, this one sounds good enough for my personal copy of this show. Both the master and my copy were recorded on TDK-Sa (high bias) and I believe both master and my copy are without dolby. I wouldn't call it the best show I've heard of this tour but it was a good performance. There is a fadeout after track 7 and a fadein to track 8 for disc burning convenience.

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