sabato 16 novembre 2019

The Police - 1979-10-09 - Virginia Beach, VA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


Length: 54'17 Min + 30min interview 
Source: Stereo K94 FM 
Audio fidelity: B / B+ (tj7 rating scale ) 
Origin: RVdG, Mar 2007 

Lineage: FM > Unknown gen TDK D90 cassette 
Conversion: Cass(?)>Sony TC-WE825S>Sony PCM-R300(Super Bit Mapper)>Tosslink(Optical)>M-Audio Delta DiO 24/96>coolpro>cdwav>FLAC (level 8 w/ verify) 
The PCM-R300 is used only for the A/D conversion and is a pass-through. 
There is no DAE in the lineage/conversion 
Analog pitch correction, conversion by: Ken Dudzik 11/Mar/2007 
Size: 859 MB 
Compressed: 530 MB 

01) So Lonely 8:21 
02) Truth hits everybody 2:49 
03) Walking On The Moon 4:20 
04) Hole In My Life 4:06 
05) Bring on the night 4:55 
06) The bed's too big without you 7:30 
07) Peanuts 2:58 
08) Roxanne 6:37 
09) [tape flip, fades in] Can't Stand Losing You > Regatta de Blanc 5:15 
10) Landlord 2:34 
11) Born In The 50's 4:48 
12) Interview with Joni Daley 30:46 

Ken's notes: 
Low Gen FM broadcast which they must have had the DJ in the crowd with a microphone toward the end of the show because there are screaming idiots yelling into the microphone and the band sound more distant as the show goes on. They may have just had a mic set up close to the crowd and not mixed it very well. This is not the complete show. It would be great to get the master and see if the entire show was taped. 

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