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The Stranglers - 1977-11-06 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Soundboard>Cassette (2/3 gen)>Audition>WAV>FLAC 

The Stranglers 
6 November 1977 
The Roundhouse 

01 No More Heroes 
02 Ugly 
03 Bring On The Nubiles 
04 [REMOVED] Dead Ringer 
05 Sometimes 
06 [REMOVED] Hugh Banter 
07 Dagenham Dave 
08 In The Shadows 
09 Hanging Around 
10 5 Minutes 
11 Bitching 
12 [REMOVED] Hugh Banter 
13 Burning Up Time 
14 I Feel Like a Wog 
15 Straighten Out 
16 Something Better Change 
17 London Lady 
18 Peaches 
19 (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) 
20 Go Buddy Go

This is an astounding soundboard document of The Stranglers at their visceral best on the No More Heroes tour of late 1977. 

I have had to remove one track and some of the banter which was officially released on ‘Live X Certs’. None of the other tracks here were used on that LP or have been officially released. 

This is taken from a second or third generation copy of a tape which had already been mixed by EMI. 

There was some drop-outs here and there and I had to fix these as best I could in Audition… but overall this is a great reminder of what a great band they are. 

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