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Queen - 1977-10-06 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

New London Theatre Centre 

source 1 (*) "Champions Shoot" Wardour > wav (speed corrected) > FLAC 
Source 2 (**) tape(X) > CDR (X) > WAV > FLAC 

01. Bob Harris' speech, first listen to WATC (cut) (*/**) 
02. Queen introduction, WATC video shoot 1 (*/**) 
03. WATC video shoot 2 (**) 
04. Speech before WATC video shoot 3 (cut at 0:44), WATC video shoot 4 (*/**) 
05. Tie Your Mother Down (*) 
06. Keep Yourself Alive (*) 
07. Somebody To Love (*) 
08. White Man (*) 
09. The Prophet's Song (*) 
10. Liar (*) 
11. Bohemian Rhapsody (until end of guitar solo) (*) 
12. Now I'm Here (*) 
13. Jailhouse Rock (*) 
14. See What A Fool I've Been (*) 

A couple of great moments: 
I love what happens after the first WATC shoot. 
Brian says, "we'll have to try this a couple more times, okay?" 
And then an audience member, with plenty of excitement in his voice, 
says "I don't care!" 

Another great moment: 
After Bob Harris reveals that take 3 will be done with the cameras on the audience, and without the band on stage, someone else in the audience says, "It's not gonna be the same without them!" 

Luckily, the entire concert is from the higher quality version, and it's really worth listening to in this quality. Check out the loose and experimental version of White Man / The Prophet's Song very interesting! It sounds much more like the middle section of Get Down Make Love, because it's Brian's guitar that has the harmonization effects, not Freddie's voice (which I really prefer, actually!). This is probably the first time Brian used the e-bow on stage. The whole band sounds great, and are clearly happy to give the fan club members a great set. Also worth noting is that this is undoubtedly the greatest version of See What A Fool I've Been. Freddie's voice is so much more complished in this version. He sings it so passionately and aggressively. It's amazing to hear how much his voice grew in a year and a half since they had last played the song. This would turn out to be the final performance of the song. Killer version of Liar here as well. 

This is a compilation of two copies of the same audience tape of the famous We Are The Champions video shoot and short concert, both lossless - one being "Champions Shoot" on the Wardour label, and the other being a much higher generation tape. Much of the WATC video shoot is missing on the Wardour version, so I spliced in all the missing parts from the inferior version. Still, two parts are missing: The initial playing of WATC (before they started filming) cuts out after a few seconds, and the third video take of the song is missing as well. The Wardour version's pitch was 1/3 of a semitone too fast, so I adjusted it to make the two versions run at the same speed. 

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