domenica 19 novembre 2017

AC/DC - 1979-11-11 - Brussels, Belgium (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Brussels, Vorst Nationaal, Belgium 

The lineage is: 
Cassette trade somewhere in 1986/87 
D TDK 90 Cassette tape (unknown generation) 
JVC cassette deck 
Hard disc (wave) 
Cd wave editor (track splitting) 
Trader little helper 
Flac fronted level 8 

01. Live Wire 
02. Shot down in flames 
03. Hell ain't a bad place to be 
04. Sin City 
05. Problem Child 
06. Bad boy boogie 
07. The Jack / Highway to hell 
08. Girls got rythm 
09. High voltage 
10. Whole lotta Rosie 
11. Rocker (incl Angus solo) 
12. If you want blood 
13. Let there be rock 

I know a recording of this show is circulating but i don't know if that is this source. One thing i know that i made the tape transfer and made the best out of it. A short sample can be found in the comment section. (i'm sorry for the forgotten tracksplit between the Jack and Highway to hell) 

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