sabato 31 agosto 2019

Rush - 1975-04-07 - Cleveland, OH (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Agora Ballroom 
Cleveland, OH 

CD-R (received in trade) -> .wav -> Nero Wave Editor (pitch correction, indexing) -> .wav -> TLH (SB alignment) -> .FLAC 

Geddy Lee–lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizers 
Alex Lifeson–guitar, backing vocals 
Neil Peart–drums, percussion 

01. Finding My Way (04:52)
02. Best I Can (03:14) 
03. What You're Doing (05:20) 
04. Anthem (04:17) 
05. Beneath, Between & Behind (03:07) 
06. In the End (06:35) 
07. Fly by Night (02:45) 
08. Working Man (13:16) 
09. In the Mood (02:49) 
10. Need Some Love (03:01) 
11. Bad Boy (05:07)

An otherwise great-sounding capture of an FM broadcast, "Bad Boys in Cleveland" played back audibly below pitch. Using a tuning app, I compared against official references to measure by how much, then adjusted the speed accordingly upwards so that it now plays at the correct pitch. I took no other liberties with the source. All respect and praise to everyone who had a hand in bringing the original edition to Rush fans! I humbly offer up a speed-corrected version for your enjoyment!

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