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Michael Jackson - 1992-08-08 - Bremen, DE (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Michael Jackson - Dangerous World Tour - Bremen 1992 

Bremen, Germany, August 08th, 1992, Weserstadion 

Unknow VHS to DVD 

DVD Shrink -> PC -> MPEG Audio to WAV -> EQ in Audition -> Demuxed video & WAV Audio to Architect -> Menus and Chapters Points added -> VIDEO_TS -> DVD -> DVD Shrink

Professional Recording 
-Video Quality: 10/10 
-Audio Quality: 10/10 

Video: NTSC / MPEG2 / 29.97fps / 4:3 / 9500kbps (VBR Max. Bitrate) 
Audio: LPCM / 48khz / 1536kbps 

DVD 1 
01. Jam 
02. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 
03. Human Nature 
04. Smooth Criminal 
05. I Just Can't Stop Loving You 
06. She's Out Of My Life 
07. Jackson 5 Medley (I Want You Back - The Love You Save - I'll Be There) 
08. Thriller 
09. Billie Jean 

Duration: 1hr, 45 sec. 


DVD 2 
01. Black Panther Interlude 
02. Working Day And Night 
03. Beat It 
04. Will You Be There 
05. Black Or White 
06. We Are The World Interlude 
07. Heal The World 
08. Man In The Mirror 
09. Rocket Man (sadly cut seconds before to ''Launch'' or ''Take off'') 

Duration: 63 min, 22 sec 

The Original DVD is from a Sub-Master VHS, was played very few times, that is why his high quality, but the sound is mono and flat, so i converted in stereo and equalize. 

Also i compress very little the Video, because the original bitrate was very high, and should include the pcm audio, but the compression it's unnoticeable, the video quality was not affected. 

This DVD include Menus and Chapters Song by Song 

md5 checksum in text file 

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  1. Hi edge. i downloaded the dvd. the dvd1 frames in some parts.... its a shame.
    dvd2 no problems