sabato 3 febbraio 2018

Pink Floyd - 1970-10-16 - San Rafael, CA (AUD/FLAC) The Baked Pepperland Reels

(Audience FLAC)

The Baked Pepperland Reels - The entire concert (Digital Upscale Remaster)

Mastered at 44Khz-24Bit

3 X LP's DUDE Records - The Baked Pepperland Reels

Technics 1210 MKII >Concorde Stylus > Allen and Heath Xone 62 Mixer > EMU-1212M

Cubase 5 Studio.
Waves Plugins
Adobe Audition CS6


A1 - Astronomy Domine (1st Attempt)
A2 - Astronomy Domine (2nd Attempt)
A3 - Astronomy Domine (3rd Attempt)
A4 - Astronomy Domine (4th Attempt)
B1 - Tune Up
B2 - Fat Old Sun
B3 - Tune Up
B4 - Cymbaline
C1 - Tune Up
C2 - Atom Heart Mother
D1 - Tune Up
D2 - The Embryo
D3 - Green Is The Colour
E1 - Careful With That Axe, Eugene
E2 - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
F1 - Tune Up
F2 - A Saucerful Of Secrets

The orginal concert recording sounds very thin, hardly any bass or very high top frequencies can be heard, the source sounds dull and hard to make out (Painful on the ears) at very loud sections. The vocal volume constantly changes so needed to have attention. The aim was to fix these issues and upgrade the fidelity of the recording, fix any problems and balance everything out.

The Entire complete concert has been patched into one continous complete file, giving the full concert experience!

All Pops and Crackles removed, remastered as 44.1Khz 24 Bit as quite honestly the extra audio information is virtually negligable due to source format (The LP Set source comes from a 1st Gen Casette copy which was made from a Reel to Reel which was used for recording made at the venue) I Guess they used great mics and a great recorder for the age of this recording :-)

Top frequencies have been almost totally restored, also bass frequencies have been recovered by pitch shifting the bass both up and down by but kept in tune then EQ'ed and cleaned and mixed this in to the mix, compression applied to stablize the bass end. The top end middle frequencies were also enhanced in this way; pitch shifting but keeping in key then using the recovered requencies that were missing and adding them back in to the mix, lots tidying and EQ'ing. Full EQ Balance and basic mastering applied, slight compression on mixdown to stabalize the mixdown.

Slight hiss reduction has also been applied where needed.

I may have used a little too much adaptive noice reduction in certain very quiet parts due to artifacts caused by distortion which is present on the original source and magnified by the upscale process. Distortion seems to be magnified by the upscaling process due to this some distortion was unable to be removed as it is present on the original recording, especially in the very loud sections. These sections have been treated as much as possible without causing obvious artifacts or degradation to the sound, however they are not worse than the source recording.

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