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Bruce Springsteen - 2013-06-03 - Milan, IT (2xDVDfull aud-shot)

(2xDVDfull aud-shot)

Milano 2013-06-03 DVD, multicamera mix, 2-source-audio mix, 2DVDs 

Samples at: (final audio mix) (audio not mastered) (audio not mastered) 

A love affair: Bruce and San Siro, San Siro and Bruce. A perfect match. Watch and see and feel yourself. 
This videos makes my biggest and best concert film. No, it cannot be compared to Leeds where me and my friends were at a much closer distance to the stage and most footage came from the great Sony HX20V cameras. Leeds will be unmatched in terms of image quality and upcloseness for maybe ever. 
But Milano makes the number one concert film. From start to finish. In the beginning Bruce and Steve are in awe of the imense choreography by the Italian crowd and this feeling, the love, the appreciation holds for 3 1/2 hours! 
Bruce's, the band's and the audience's energy level is incredible. There are so many highlights. Atlantic City is my personal highlight. Best version that comes to my mind and the video makes it shine. 
I was thinking for a long time what to do with this show: Not editing it all and just forget it and never think about the bad people in question anymore or just keep the video for myself, my closest friends and tapers. But as much pain in the ass the people in question and the usual pathetic dumbnuts are: No way those few idiots ruin it for everyone! 
It is bad enough that because of the violator, the misses and another editor acting really stupid and childish this video didn't reach it's full potential. 
Still, besides all the fights and obstacles I was able to create a concert film that will get under your skin! 
To me this is the maybe most important concert film of Bruce. It is Bruce at the top of his game, the stadium is special, the size of the stadium, the crowd, the love, the emotions and it's uncut. 
The whole show is so easy to watch. The flow is incredible. It is Bruce's biggest house party you will ever see on video!! 
And the audio mix is just lovely and captures the atmosphere and Bruce's voice so nice. It has has heart and soul which I miss on my other favourite releases like Leeds and Mönchengladbach. 
Watching this video will give you goosebumps and a grin on your face. Or two, or three...You will be watching this video again and again. This one is for the ages. 

Regarding the quality of this film I still can't believe what we pulled of here given the circumstances (the wild crowd, the heat). 
This was only possible with the help of my friends, many other filmers and the last minute addition of fedeUD's tripod shot from the seats. 
Thanks guys. You rule! 
For the misses, her violator and Amos I feel really sorry. I am over the point of arguing with people you can't reason with. 
They missed a huge chance of being part of this fantastic release. May there names never be heard of again. 
Long live the tapers who share their recordings for making a release like this possible. 

Filmed by: DVDDUBBINGGUY, Lars aka Papa Bär, SwissMagic, springsteenbrothers, fedeUD, 
Carlos do Carmo, SpikeVince, Davide Martorana, Fausto Casadei, Mark Steven, Katia Domenichini, ioluko, recunond, NB, Per, Albirocker, maifrepaolo, T-man and others 

Audio by DVDDUBBINGGUY + alysha, mixed by my friend "Pro Bro" (same guy who did the fabulous Rome and Padova mix) 

Disc 1 is a double layer (8,5gb) disc. Disc 2 is a single layer (4,7gb) disc. Just burn with your favorite software at slowest speed. Chose the mds file for the best layer break option. 
Video is in NTSC. 720x480. PCM audio. Artwork included in the torrent. 
Torrent will be made GOLD soon. 

01 - Land of hope and dreams 
02 - My love will not let you down 
03 - Out in the street 
04 - American land 
05 - Long Tall Sally 
06 - Loose ends 
07 - Wrecking ball 
08 - Death to my hometown 
09 - Atlantic City 
10 - The river 
11 - Born in the U.S.A. 
12 - Cover me 
13 - Darlington County 
14 - Working on the highway 
15 - Downbound train 
16 - I'm on fire 
17 - No surrender 
18 - Bobby Jean 
19 - I'm goin' down 
20 - Glory days 
21 - Dancing in the dark 
22 - My hometown 
23 - Shackled and drawn 
24 - Waitin' on a sunny day 
25 - The rising 
26 - Badlands 
27 - Hungry heart 

28 - This land is your land (snippet) 
29 - We are alive 
30 - Born to run 
31 - Tenth Avenue freeze-out 
32 - Twist and shout 
33 - Shout 

34 - Thunder road (solo acoustic)

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