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Kraftwerk - 1991-07-15 - Birmingham, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Hummingbird, Birmingham, England 

The Mix Tour (UK Summer First Leg) [5/8] 

2x CD ["Traffic Jam On Autobahn"] 

Ralf Hütter - Lead Vocals, Harmonys 
Fernando Abrantes - Lead Melodys, Keyboarding 
Fritz Hilpert - Drummer 
Florian Schneider - Effects 

01. Intro [0:58] 
02. Numbers [4:59] 
03. Computer World [4:42] 
04. Home Computer [8:03] 
05. Computer Love [6:49] 
06. The Model [3:44] 
07. Tour De France [7:12] 
08. Autobahn [11:50] 
09. Radioactivity [7:01] 

01. Trans Europe Express / Abzug / Metal On Metal [10:31] 
02. Pocket Calculator [11:34] 
03. The Robots / Robotronik [9:15] 
04. Music Non Stop [13:24] 

This is a very common bootleg from the first run of The Mix tour, though less so of this original pressing. The "Dynamo Deutschland" one, though the same recording, cuts off at the end of each track, preventing from proper transitions or fade outs. This initial release restores those, making for a much better listening experience overall. I'm surprised that this recording hasn't passed through Dime from the looks of it, considering the many other popular bootlegs that have shown up. 

In regards to sound quality, it's a pretty damn good recording. It's also very difficult to classify, in terms of whether it's a soundboard or an audience recording. It's so close to 
sounding like it came straight from the speakers, since it captures everything that is being played. However, there will be cases of "audience overload,"where the crowd will be heard clearly at certain points (Radioactivity, in particular, has a person reciting the intro at the beginning of it). Also, it sounds a bit flat, though that doesn't prevent any details from jumping out in critical listening. 

Despite any issues, this is a recording that needs to be listened to if you're a Kraftwerk fan, due to an amazing performance. It's the one show that I would actually listen to all the way, since all tracks were performed well, with very little to no nitpicks that would only have made me listen to only parts of other shows. This is certainly better than their most recent shows. 

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